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Remembering Toby Keith: A Look at the Country Star’s Vintage Car Collection

Remembering Toby Keith: A Look at the Country Star’s Vintage Car Collection

While Toby Keith wrote some amazing country music songs, he also was known to have a very impressive car collection. Keith, who died on Feb. 5 at 62 years old from stomach cancer, had some stellar automobiles to drive.

Toby Keith loved Ford Mustangs. One of those was the 69 Mach 1 Ford Mustang, which makes car fans and gearheads drool with excitement. Keith showed this bad boy off as part of his Whiskey Girl video. It gets extra attention because the 69 Mach 1 Ford Mustang was produced in limited numbers, according to HotCars.

Keith also loved his trucks, including the 2002 Ford F350 Tonka concept. This is another car that popped up in a music video, this one for Who’s Your Daddy. The truck was solely created for an auto show. Ford wanted something to whet the appetite of fans looking for their Super Duty line. Well, with this one, they definitely got Keith’s attention.

Toby Keith Had Big-Time Limousine in His Car Collection

Toby Keith also wanted to have something for a fancy night on the town. For that purpose, he purchased a Ford Expedition Limousine. While Toby Keith apparently loved this vehicle, it was not popular with a lot of car collectors. This Ford creation simply failed out there. The company wanted to get buyers’ attention with the limousine’s size and look. Yeah, it just turned a lot of people off.

Toby Keith must have seen something in it to buy one, so he did and it was part of his car collection.

Now, Keith also liked having cars that reflected an earlier time. For him, that led to getting the Lincoln Model L. It comes from 1930, a time and era when mass production of cars was still in its infancy. This baby expresses a beauty and elegance comparatively found in a Cadillac V16.

The Lincoln Model L went to people like kings, queens, and celebrities. One outstanding feature of this car is that it has just one row for people inside it. That’s right. Just enough room for a driver and his passenger.

Let’s toss in Toby Keith’s Ford GT40 as well. There is a level of difficulty when it comes to driving this car. Its look happens to reflect something that took part in the famed Le Mans auto race.

Keith’s Ford Cabriolet Receives Some Love

One more for the road was Toby Keith’s 1934 Ford suicide door cabriolet. It had a red paint job with a tan convertible top. That was matched by its beautiful interior and rumble seat look. The car was powered by a Chevrolet small block V8 engine, along with automatic transmission.

Inside the car, accessories include a tilt steering column, a leather steering wheel, a stereo system, and heat and air conditioning. When it was put up for sale by Barrett-Jackson, Keith was looking for $99,000.

There’s little doubt that Toby Keith enjoyed the finer things in life, the Oklahoman had quite a car collection. Fans will want to find out more about this amazing collection in due time.