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Welcome to Odometer – your one-stop shop for everything nostalgia news, entertainment, cool cars and overall awesome Americana.

Our team of nostalgia enthusiasts and experts live and breathe everything old school, whether it’s tied to current events or just something fun we want to spotlight from days past.

Our Story

Odometer was started for fans of the old school, fans of that nostalgic rush you get when watching a classic TV show or hear a song in the car from a certain decade. Our team wanted to create a central hub where all of these articles and videos can live – where you can read, watch, listen and share with your communities who are just as passionate about the same thing.

Odometer is a Savage Ventures company, providing us the ability to give you the content you crave day in and day out.

So, punch in dates on the dial and let’s ride! 

Editorial Policy

At Odometer, our staff of nostalgia experts builds and curates the best of the best editorial content for our users. With each article, we have a strict internal process of checking for accuracy and trustworthiness. From detailed original articles to the best curated nostalgia news pieces, our staff strives to provide our growing audience with the highest quality content in this category. Take a look at our editorial masthead below:

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Our writers will disclose any conflicts as applicable to research or editorial storytelling as applicable. If you have corrections or want to reach out to the Odometer team, please email info@odometer.com.