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Andy Griffith Once Spent a Ton to Add This Classic Convertible to His Car Collection

Andy Griffith Once Spent a Ton to Add This Classic Convertible to His Car Collection

Andy Taylor was a salt-of-the-earth kinda man on The Andy Griffith Show, but in real life, Griffith had an opulent car collection. Griffith’s life was adorned with a remarkable collection of meticulously restored vintage automobiles. Among his prized possessions were a Ford Model T, a 1930 Model A Cabriolet, a 1928 Ford Phaeton, a 1934 Ford Pickup, and a 1938 Buick Special and Buick Coupe Convertible.

The 1934 Ford Pickup was more than a show car. It was put to good use. This 1979 photograph, taken by Steve Given, showcases the Griffith family vehicle, painted a vivid avocado green.

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The Showstopper in Andy Griffith’s Car Collection

However, a 1935 Packard 1202 Convertible was perhaps the crown jewel in Andy Griffith’s car collection. The actor reportedly invested a substantial amount, estimated between $425,000 and $581,000, in restoring the vehicle.

In 1988, Andy Griffith acquired the car and used it for his regular commute to the studio in his Packard. He even had the pleasure of driving it in parades, proudly showcasing his maroon drop-top.

Fast forward to 2004, when the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, renowned for its vintage car museum, appraised Griffith’s beloved vehicle at a staggering value of over $400,000.

In that very year, Griffith generously gifted the car to a museum located in Indiana. Eventually, it found its way into the possession of a gentleman residing in Kentucky.

During a time when life was less complicated, The Andy Griffith Show transported viewers to a small town filled with wholesome and humble folks. And this car? It’s like a living time capsule, embodying that simpler era.

Sheriff Taylor Drove a Much Different Vehicle on ‘The Andy Griffth Show’

Of course, among all the cars featured in The Andy Griffith Show, Sheriff Andy’s Ford Galaxie patrol cars stand out as the most prominent. It all began with a 1960 Fairlane Galaxie four-door sedan. However, from then on, the sheriff was always seen driving a new black-and-white Ford every year.

Every season, a brand new Ford Galaxie was furnished as the official squad car. The extensive lineup of Ford vehicles showcased across all 249 episodes of the show is a testament to the motor company’s recognition of the immense marketing potential. The Andy Griffith Galaxies have secured a place in the annals of law enforcement vehicles.