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‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Bryan Greenberg Wanted Jake and Peyton to End Up Together

‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Bryan Greenberg Wanted Jake and Peyton to End Up Together

When it comes to his memories of One Tree Hill, Bryan Greenberg makes no bones about it that he wanted Jeyton together. That’s the nickname given to Greenberg’s Jake Jagielski with Hilarie Burton’s Peyton Sawyer.

In an interview with the New York Post, Greenburg bluntly said, “Of course I did.” There was energy between Jake and Peyton starting in the show’s first season. Peyton was the babysitter to Jake’s daughter Jenny. Well, the more that Jake got to know and see Peyton, he fell in love with her.

The show’s fans came up with the Jeyton moniker. But Peyton was in love with Lucas Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray. That all came down in the show’s third season. And it led to Bryan Greenberg leaving One Tree Hill.

Bryan Greenberg Happy Fans Recall ‘One Tree Hill’

Greenberg has done a lot of other projects in his career. Still, Bryan Greenberg fans seem to have a true attachment to his time on One Tree Hill.

“That’s what’s so crazy about it to me,” Greenberg said. “I’ve done all these things in my career. I did three seasons of ‘One Tree Hill,’ and I feel like that’s the one that people really latch on to. You know what? I’m grateful. It was amazing. I had so much fun on that project.”

Greenberg also had high praise for the show’s writers as well. “I just feel like the writers really wrote for me, and it was such an amazing character,” he told The Post. “A single father in high school who loves his kid . . . He played guitar and was a perfect character. Of course, you fell in love with him. I think I was the receiver of a very fortunate writing circumstance.”

Besides Bryan Greenberg, others in the One Tree Hill cast included Sophia Bush, Lee Norris, Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, Antwon Tanner, and Paul Johansson. Bush and Greenberg teamed up for Junction, which was Greenberg’s debut as a film writer and director.

Actor Went On To Do Other Projects

Much later after his time on One Tree Hill was over, Greenberg played Nick Garrett on an ABC drama titled October Road. It debuted in 2007 but was dumped from ABC’s lineup after two seasons. Donned with a pretty solid cast that included Tom Berenger, Greenberg felt like the drama deserved another season.

“I am the actor. I don’t have any control. Of course, I want to keep working on these jobs. They’re amazing projects,” Greenberg said. “I don’t know why [it ended], to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m out of a lot of things. But I’m just grateful that I got a chance to play these characters — that people still like them all these years later. ‘October’ was really special.”

Greenberg said he has to go back and watch that show as well. Meanwhile, from 2010-11, he had a starring role in an HBO comedy-drama titled How to Make It in America. Greenberg starred alongside Victor Rasuk in the show.

By the way, it’s pretty cool that a show like One Tree Hill remains so popular with fans. Their dedication not only to the show itself but cast members speaks volumes about their undying love. With this taking place, it’s interesting to note that no network has a One Tree Hill current-day reunion in the works.

Greenberg probably would be there, willing to spill some behind-the-scenes knowledge from his days on One Tree Hill.

As for Sophia Bush, her most recent television series Good Sam sadly was not well-received on CBS. The medical show was canceled after just 13 episodes because of poor ratings. Burton these days can be heard alongside Bush and Lenz on the Drama Queens podcast.