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Where is Gibby From ‘iCarly’ Now? What We Know About Noah Munck

Where is Gibby From ‘iCarly’ Now? What We Know About Noah Munck

Noah Munck endeared himself to Nickelodeon fans for his role as Gibby on iCarly. So, what has he been doing lately? He’s been keeping busy with his acting and musical careers. Yes, Munck spends time sharing electronic music under the name “NoxiK.” He is also working on a YouTube channel titled “Sadworld,” focusing on unique comedy sketches.

Munck, 27, started showing up as Gibby on iCarly in 2007. Then, in 2010, show producers made Munck a full-time cast member. Fans loved to watch Gibby on the TV screen. In 2011, the Kids’ Choice Awards had him in line for the “Favorite TV Sidekick” award.

Did you know that there were talks about a Gibby spin-off? Yes! Gibby was in discussions and it would have put him working at a recreation center. Unfortunately, the talks didn’t go far enough and the spin-off was shelved. But, in 2014, he popped up as Gibby again in the spin-off show Sam & Cat.

Noah Munck Grows Beyond Gibby in ‘iCarly’

Fans of Nickelodeon shows probably remember seeing Munck pop up in different shows. There are some people who might have wondered why he didn’t get more work at that time. One line of thought involves Munck spreading himself thin as Gibby in iCarly.

All of the other shows he appeared in just didn’t find a place for him in the cast. Also, fans loved seeing him play Gibby and may have just seen him in that role. That’s falling into the category of being typecast. He was 11 years old when he started playing Gibby. Not being able to grow out of that on-screen role just hampered Munck’s growth in show business.

Eventually, Munck was able to work his way onto The Goldbergs. He had a good run on that sitcom, which we’ll get to in a bit again.

“Now I would like to progress into something that’s completely different than iCarly,” Munck said in 2014 when he chatted with The Chimes. “I would love to show people that I can do something, act serious, in a way that’s dramatic.”

Actor Has Been Focusing On Music Career

Let’s get back to Munck’s music work for a minute. In October 2023, he started releasing experimental hip-hop music as Noah Praise God. Munck is putting more of an emphasis on his vocals in this project. The first single from this moniker, Real Sharp, was released on the “Sadworld” YouTube channel. He then sent this music to other streaming platforms.

While all this was going on, though, Munck did keep himself busy with acting gigs. Other guest-starring roles happened for him on shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, ER, Rules of Engagement, Nicky Deuce, and Arrested Development.

But Munck played “Naked” Rob Smith from 2014-23 on The Goldbergs. He played the same role in a spin-off series titled Schooled.

While all of this work gives Munck a leg-up in the acting and music world, he does take time out to give back to society. It’s different from him playing Gibby in iCarly. He’s involved in Camp Del Corazon, a summer camp for children with heart disease at Catalina Island, California.

As for his personal life, there’s no word about any romantic relationship in Munck’s life.