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What Happened to the Cast of ‘Silver Spoons’? Where the ’80s Stars Are Now

What Happened to the Cast of ‘Silver Spoons’? Where the ’80s Stars Are Now

Silver Spoons popped up in the 1980s with a cast that included Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Jason Bateman. The sitcom’s main storyline focuses on Ricky Stratton (Schroder) and his relationship with his father, Edward Stratton III (Higgins).

Edward comes across more like a child in adult’s clothing. This affects Eddie’s toy business, which he owns. So, he was unaware he had a child from a brief marriage. Ricky does his best to have a father-son relationship with Edward. Watching them navigate each other’s territories throughout the show’s five-season run kept fans around.

Ribeiro joined the Silver Spoons cast before the third season. He played Alfonso Spears, the nephew of Edward’s business manager Dexter Stuffins (Franklyn Seales). Corky Pigeon, through the show’s first four seasons, played Fredrick March “Freddy” Lippincottleman. Bateman was part of the sitcom’s cast for the show’s first two seasons. He played Derek Taylor, who was recognized as the show’s “bad boy” character.

Since it’s been more than four decades since Silver Spoons‘ premiere, let’s take a look and see what they are doing these days.

‘Silver Spoons’ Star Appeared In 1979 Movie

Schroder hit the public spotlight for the first time in 1979 when he had a star turn in the movie The Champ.

While Silver Spoons gave him a solid sitcom, acting beyond this role was near impossible for Schroder. In order to break out of the typecasting, Schroder changed his name to Rick. He also made it a point to appear in more serious shows like NYPD Blue and 24. Schroder directed a few movies, then acted in a couple of Christmas-themed shows.

Higgins first gained some notoriety by appearing in the long-running soap opera Search for Tomorrow. After starring in another show, Higgins landed on his most-recognized role. The show ended after five seasons, so he had to find another series. Have Faith only lasted seven episodes before getting canceled. In the ’80s and ’90s, Higgins starred in some TV movies and shows. But his final acting job was opposite Nathan Lane and Gabriel Byrne in 2016’s No Pay, Nudity. Higgins is still alive.

Erin Gray played Katherine “Kate” Summers-Stratton on the show. Gray had made a name for herself thanks to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as Colonel Wilma Deering. Other television credits to her name include The Love Boat, Magnum, P.I., and Fantasy Island. In recent years, Gray stepped away from acting. She became a Tai Chi instructor and a casting agent, Yahoo! reports.

Seales played Stuffins, who started as a guest character in the show’s first season. Seales joined the full-time cast of Silver Spoons in Season 2. His breakout role, though, was as Lt. Henry O. Flipper. Flipper was the first black West Point graduate. Seales played him in the 1978 PBS TV drama¬†The Trial of the Moke. In 1990, though, Seales died at 37 from complications of AIDS.

Alfonso Ribeiro Went On To Greater Jobs

Ribeiro played Alfonso for the show’s last three seasons. He got attention by appearing in The Tap Dance Kid and being in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson. Of course, Ribeiro gained even more fans from playing Carlton alongside Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He’s still working in TV via America’s Funniest Home Videos and Dancing with the Stars.

Bateman was too good as Derek here as part of the Silver Spoons cast. Want to know why? Show producers let him go after two seasons because they feared he was getting more popular than Schroder. Can’t have that happen! Well, he did pretty well for himself. He starred in The Hogan Family, but gained even more fans and respect thanks to Arrested Development. His recent work has included a star turn on Ozark.

Others who either briefly starred on Silver Spoons or had recurring roles included John Houseman, Leonard Lightfoot, Bobby Fite, Billy Jacoby, Christine Belford, and Ray Walston. Silver Spoons can be seen on some streaming platforms.