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Sally Field Net Worth: How Much Did the ‘Gidget’ Star Make?

Sally Field Net Worth: How Much Did the ‘Gidget’ Star Make?

Sally Field splashed onto the entertainment world thanks to Gidget. But she’s done so much more to build up her net worth. If you look back when Field was 18 years old, then that’s when she started acting as a teenager. Gidget’s age on the show was around 15. Just a year later, Field plays Sister Bertrille for three seasons on The Flying Nun.

The way her career was going at that time, could anyone have seen Field as an Academy Award winner? It would have been a bit of a stretch. But Field decided to take a different tact in her career. She attended the Actors Studio and learned under Lee Strasberg, a “teacher to the stars” for some actors.

Shifting away from “good girl roles” toward more serious ones proved to be a winning call. It also probably played a big role in raising the net worth of Sally Field. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sally Field has a net worth of $50 million. That’s a long way from earning $500 per week for Gidget. Field earned $4,500 per episode on The Flying Nun. Roles in movies ranging from Norma Rae to Smokey and the Bandit helped her career a whole lot.

Sally Field Gets Praise From Spielberg

Someone who has watched Field’s career run the gamut is her friend, director Steven Spielberg. He talked about Field in a Variety magazine feature on Field. “As an actor, she dared this town to typecast her, and then simply broke through every dogmatic barrier to find her own way — not to stardom, which I imagine she’d decry, but to great roles in great films and television,” Spielberg said.

“Through her consistently good taste and feisty persistence, she has survived our ever-changing culture, stood the test of time and earned this singular place in history.”

Back to television work for a minute. By the time Field joined the cast of Brothers & Sisters, she was reportedly getting $100,000 per episode. That jumped to $200,000 when she became an executive producer there as well.

As for her awards haul, Field can look on her mantle and see Oscars, Primetime Emmys, and Golden Globes glitter under her home lights. Her iconic roles also include her playing Forrest’s mother in Forrest Gump. Toss in other incredible film roles in Places in the Heart (an Oscar winner), Steel Magnolias, Absence of Malice, and Kiss Me Goodbye.

But Field also can identify a chance to be a player in a big franchise. She played Aunt May in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012. Field also came back for a sequel in 2014. And she’s not giving up yet at all. She recently starred in 2023 in 80 for Brady along with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Rita Moreno.

Actress Works To Shift Away From TV Career

What does Field think about her career and the transition from TV to movies? She talks about it with Variety.

“It was so parallel to things that were going on inside of me. About conquering yourself. About knowing how to move out of patterns from your childhood into something that is designed by you and not a pattern thrust upon you,” Field said. “After ‘The Flying Nun’ was over, it wasn’t that I would fail an audition. I couldn’t get in the door. I couldn’t get on the list. And I had to change that.”

Field is in her early 70s yet still maintains a sense of youth about her. That’s even with all of the ups and downs her life has experienced. Oh, and about Burt Reynolds? That was something Burt wanted to happen between him and Field. Nothing of a lasting nature did. Field has even said that Reynolds was not a good person to be around for her.