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Macaulay Culkin: All About His 7 Talented Siblings

Macaulay Culkin: All About His 7 Talented Siblings

Macaulay Culkin was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Two of his seven siblings were there to celebrate. Quinn Culkin and Rory Culkin were seen at the ceremony and took a picture with him.

Of course, Culkin rose to prominence as one of Hollywood’s most adored child actors when he starred in the 1990 Christmas classic, Home Alone. This marked the beginning of a successful career in child acting throughout the 90s.

After taking a hiatus from the spotlight, Culkin made a triumphant return and established himself as a versatile adult actor. He recently showcased his talent in notable productions such as HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones and FX’s American Horror Story.

While Macaulay Culkin was the first among his seven siblings to achieve fame, the Culkin siblings boast an impressive collective Hollywood portfolio.

Most of Macaulay Culkin’s Siblings Have Worked in Hollywood

Shane Culkin, born in 1976, is the eldest child of Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup. According to Vanity Fair, in 1988 he performed as Wally Webb in a notable production of “Our Town” at Lincoln Center Theater. Shane starred alongside acclaimed actors such as Eric Stoltz, Spalding Gray, Frances Conroy, and Penelope Ann Miller in the production.

Dakota Culkin, also known as Cody, was born in 1978. In 2009, Cody worked as an art production assistant on the supernatural thriller film, Lost Soul. Tragically, Dakota Culkin passed away in 2008 at the age of 30, after being struck by a car while crossing a street in California.

Macaulay Culkin honored his sister by naming his firstborn child after her in 2021. At the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony on December 1st, Macaulay’s adorable two-year-old son, Dakota, made a rare and heartwarming appearance.

Kieran Culkin Might be the Most Successful Actor of the Siblings, Eclipsing Even Macaulay

Kieran Culkin is also a high-profile actor, recently wrapping a successful run on HBO’s Succession. In 1990, he had a memorable role alongside his older brother Macaulay in Home Alone as Kevin McCallister’s Pepsi-loving cousin, Fuller McCallister. He also appeared in other successful ’90s movies like Father of the Bride, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and The Cider House Rules.

In 2002, he garnered critical acclaim and received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in the offbeat independent film, Igby Goes Down. On September 30th, the actor celebrated his 41st birthday. He and his wife, Jazz Charton, have two children together: a daughter named Kinsey Sioux, born in 2019, and a son named Wilder Wolf, born in 2021.

Quinn Culkin, born in 1984, was captivated by the world of acting just like her renowned brothers. However, it appears that her passion for the craft was fleeting. She made a brief appearance in Home Alone and also shared the screen with her brothers Macaulay and Rory in the thriller The Good Son. She’s kept a low profile ever since.

Christian Culkin, born in 1987, had a short stint in the world of acting, much like his sister Quinn Culkin. He made an appearance in the 1994 movie My Summer Story, sharing the screen with his brother Kieran Culkin. However, that’s his only credit to date.

Rory Culkin Scored a String of Solid Acting Roles

Born in 1989, Rory Culkin, the youngest of the Culkin siblings, pursued an acting career, following in the footsteps of his older brothers. Interestingly, he made his debut in their films. In 1994, he appeared in Macaulay Culkin’s Richie Rich movie as a younger version of the title character. Later, he portrayed a youthful version of Kieran Culkin’s character in Igby Goes Down.

Rory Culkin scored a significant opportunity when he was cast alongside Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo, and Matthew Broderick in the 2000 drama You Can Count on Me. Just two years later, he shared the screen with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix in M. Night Shyamalan’s sci-fi horror film Signs.

Rory Culkin has since starred in 2011’s Scream 4. Additionally, he has made guest appearances in notable television shows such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Black Mirror.

The Culkin siblings experienced their first tragedy when their half-sister, Jennifer Adamson, passed away at home on May 20, 2000. According to an obituary in The Missoulian, Jennifer, born in 1970, was the daughter of Kit Culkin and his former partner, Adeena VanWagoner. She was only 29 years old at the time of her death.