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Woman Calls Animal Control On Unlikely Suspect

Woman Calls Animal Control On Unlikely Suspect

A woman in Poland went viral last week after calling animal control on what she believed was a dangerous wild animal. The mysterious creature however wound up being something a bit sweeter though: a croissant!

The Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals received a call about an intimidating creature terrorizing locals from a tree. The woman who called in said that the ominous creature had been perched in the tree for two days, stalking residents and forcing people to keep their windows closed.

What makes the story even sillier is that according to animal control, the woman believed the light brown animal was some kind of iguana. Not a feral cat or squirrel, but an iguana. Fun fact, but iguanas are not native to Eastern Europe so Krakow animal control was certainly doubtful about the woman’s description, but hey, someone’s gotta do the job.

When animal control arrived to collect the animal they were surprised to find a rather large croissant lodged on a tree branch.

“The brown creature is sitting on a lilac branch,” KTOZ said on their Facebook post. “We are looking more closely—poor guy has no legs or head.”

That’s when the workers realized that the “intimidating iguana” they were called to handle was in fact a large croissant.

In the end, the Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals took the hilarious call in stride. Plus, I don’t know if you can blame the startled woman; it’s not every day that you find a croissant in a tree. Regardless, I’m sure the good people at animal had a pretty good laugh!