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What Someone’s Car Says About Their Personality

What Someone’s Car Says About Their Personality

Stereotypes exist for a reason, right?

Never is that truer than the cars people choose to drive.

Recently some Quora users sounded off on what a person’s car says about what kind of person they are. And as you probably expect, most are spot on!

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–“Usually driven by assholes who think because they drive one of the more famous German cars it entitles them to think they are better than everyone else (you most commonly notice this in the 3 series and up).” (Source)

–“New BMWs – has money, probably a banker, estate agent or some level of management. Drives aggressively. Old BMW – lives in a council house and probably claims benefits but wants to look cool in their tired BMW (usually old m3).” (Source)

–“Also known as the asshat parker, this Bimmer driving idiot is a common sight in every urban center in America. Expect to get cut off by the average 3-Series driver, and the bonus middle finger salute if you honk. It’s more understandable when you learn the entry-level BMW doesn’t come with turn signals.” (Source)

–“Aggressive yuppie prick who thinks they’re an awesome driver. ‘I’m in a BMW, therefore, this lane is MINE!’” (Source)

–“Driven by someone who cares way more about branding than they do about motoring technology. May also be prone to chronic fatigue syndrome; I mean those indicator stalks are so far away and they’re just so heavy.” (Source)

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–“Outdoorsy granola types who go camping biweekly and cover their car with social justice bumper stickers.” (Source)

–“20something who thinks they’re a rally car driver but mods their turbo motor to 400whp for straight-line speed. Hates Mitsubishis.” (Source)

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–“Boring fallback luxury for yuppies who’ve made enough money and now want to live in comfort.” (Source)

–“Depends on the model. For the newer ones, it’s usually (again) rich assholes or fairly well off assholes that want luxury but they don’t want something too flashy. For the older ones, it’s usually some college kid who thinks his 1994 Lexus ES 300 or coup makes him cool now.” (Source)

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–“I’m a vampire. Or care too much about safety.” Source

–“Middle-aged (a bit boring) and likes carrying a lot in the trunk and cares about safety and practical features.” Source

–“If it’s the newer ones, they’re usually driven by mid-upper class hipsters. If it’s the older ones, they’re either be driven by hipsters or older people.” (Source)

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–“I’m boring.” (Source)

–“Scion was created by a snoozefest car company realizing they were a snoozefest, and that they needed some younger buyers to be excited about their products.” (Source)

–“Can be found in the fast lane driving 45 in a 70, with a line of cars behind them stretching all the way to the 41 and 180 interchange.” (Source)

–“The people’s car. People who don’t really care much about cars.” (Source)

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–“Yuppie who likes LED headlights. In China, government official. Always yield to black Audis, you don’t know who you’re messing with.” (Source)

–“(Specifically the Audi R8) ‘Non-car people can’t tell the difference between this car and any normal Audi, so I have to rev my engine as loud as I can when passing someone to make sure they know what car I’m driving!’” (Source)

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–“I’m a girl trying to be stylish. Aren’t the headlights cute?” (Source)

–“The Volkswagen Golf is a nice enough car, and usually wins many awards. Golf drivers are quite a bit different, and were inspiration for the TV series Weird Loners. Golf drivers feel the need to explain their automotive buying choices, and why they are right.” (Source)

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–“Rich people who can’t handle BMW and need their cars softened up and served on a silver platter. Always buy a Mercedes in silver or black.” (Source)

–“Rich asshole who like to show off how nice their car is and how pathetic and slow the rest of ours is. Will use turn signals but won’t let you pass them unless you are another Merc driver; ‘one of them.’” (Source)

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–“Buy American, Chevy sucks! I only need 4 liters of displacement to make 210 horsepower, live rear axle technology is totally 21st century.” (Source)

–“What exactly has an Explorer ever explored? Yard sales?” (Source)

–“Driven by people who love American cars but can’t afford a faster one.” (Source)

–“Mustangs are more likely driven by people who love rock n’ roll.” (Source)

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–“Red-blooded American who applauds ‘This is our country’ ads, hates Ford. Brags all day about the Corvette but has never driven one and can never afford one.” (Source)

–“Hipsters. The ones who drive the SUV tend to be a tough wannabe.” (Source)

What do you think of these people’s opinions? Did they hit the nail on the head, or were they completely off? Be sure to sound off in the comments.