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Two Pigeons Board Plane, Delaying Flight

Two Pigeons Board Plane, Delaying Flight

Most passengers on an airplane usually have to pay for a ticket in order to be admitted onto the aircraft. However, that wasn’t the case for two pigeons on a recent GoAir flight from Ahmedabad, India to Jaipur, India.

As said in a recent Travel + Leisure article, the pigeons were discovered abroad when a passenger opened one of the overhead luggage compartments. The birds flew around the airplane for some time, causing the plane to be delayed. The departure time was pushed back 30 minutes, landing at 6:45 pm instead of 6:15 pm.

India TV journalist Nirnay Kapoor caught and shared footage of the fruitless attempts to catch the two stowaways on Twitter.

The airline also took to Twitter to address the situation, apologizing for any inconveniences the birds may have caused.