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‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Charlie Sheen Physically Assaulted Inside His Malibu Home

‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Charlie Sheen Physically Assaulted Inside His Malibu Home

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen was allegedly the victim of physical assault. Several news publications have confirmed that the actor was strangled by a neighbor inside his Malibu Home. He was not seriously injured during the incident.

According to a spokesperson with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, officers responded to a battery call from Sheen’s home on Wednesday, Dec. 20 around 1 PM. The person told ET that deputies identified Charlie Sheen as a victim of an assault with a deadly weapon, residential burglary, and force likely to create great bodily injury. A suspect was arrested.

TMZ reports that law enforcement sources claim the neighbor, a 47-year-old woman, knocked on Sheen’s door, and when he answered, she forced her way in. She then ripped Sheen’s shirt and proceeded to strangle him. The outlet wrote that paramedics responded, but Charlie Sheen did not go to the hospital.

Charlie Sheen Had Previous Run-Ins With His Attackor

The sources also shared that Sheen had a previous run-in with the neighbor. They say the person dumped trash on his front lawn the day before the attack.

The actor also said the woman recently covered his car with some kind of sticky substance. He claims that he spoke with her following that situation, and he believed they had made amends. Neither he nor the police know what prompted the physical assault.

ABC News identified the neighbor as Electra Schrock. The publication reports that she was due in court on Friday, Dec. 21.

Strangely, the incident comes almost a month to date after Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre was the victim of an attempted burglary.

Police responded to Lorre’s home following an alert from his home security system. When they arrived, they discovered a broken window and a tampered fuse box. Officers believe the assailants fled after hearing the alarm. Lorre was not home at the time.