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This Idiot Fell Asleep At The Wheel Of A “Self-Driving” Tesla

This Idiot Fell Asleep At The Wheel Of A “Self-Driving” Tesla

Self-driving cars are all the rage. Turn on the nightly news and you’ll see a story, do a search on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of videos. Some people are heralding them as the future, others are gravely warning of their limitations and dangers. Every major car manufacturer in the world has programs dedicated to the development of self-driving vehicles of some kind and it should be of no surprise that Tesla is one of the early adopters and early leaders in the field.

Tesla already has self-driving cars on the market. These are not the kind of self-driving cars movies have showed us – they aren’t like that taxi that Arnold Schwarzenegger takes in Total Recall – but they have come a pretty long way.

But they are definitely NOT ready to take full control and allow people in the drivers to sleep. One guy tried though and luckily, it was caught on video, so we can mock him.

Ahnold in robot taxi in Total Recall (1990)

The video was shot by Seth Blake, guitarist for the band Wage War from Ocala, Florida. He doesn’t identify where the video was shot, except to say it was on the interstate and they were both traveling 70mph or so. Maybe the most impressive part is that the sleeper manages to keep his hand on the wheel, which is required when Teslas are in “self-driving” mode. Had his hands come off, the car would have coasted to a stop. It’s impressive and stupid. It’s a miracle no one was hurt.

What would you do if you saw a driver cruising down the highway like this? And is this sort of behavior just the cost of innovation, or should this guy seriously be punished? Let us know in the comments below!