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This Idiot Completely Trashed His Truck Trying To Keep It From Being Towed

This Idiot Completely Trashed His Truck Trying To Keep It From Being Towed

What is worse? Getting your truck reposed or completely trashing the truck by fighting with a tow truck. By fighting, we mean trying to get into a torque competition while your truck is on the hook. Let’s be honest here, most trucks are going to lose and lose badly to a tow truck. As was the case here, when a guy tried to take on the tow truck and completely trashed his pickup.

The video that went viral comes from the Instagram account belonging to @repo_king07, who we all can assume is a repo man. The king of repo men, even. It starts after the truck had been hooked up and the owner had jumped into the cab and attempted to pull the truck free.

The first thing we see is the guy flooring it, his back wheels spinning away, 3 feet away from solid ground. The front wheels are screeching and working their hardest to pull the truck free but alas, two wheels on the ground are no match for the weight and torque of the tow truck with all four wheels on the ground. The closest the pickup comes to winning is for a brief moment when he gets the tow truck on two wheels. It was a fleeting victory.

After that, it’s just a symphony of crunching metal and screeching rubber. It seems like the guy just decided that if he wasn’t going to get the truck, dammit no one will.

We all get emotional about our rides, but this is just plain stupid and for the owner (former owner?) of the pickup things went from bad to worse.

The truck was still impounded and the driver was in jail, according to a now-deleted Instagram post from the tow truck driver, who stated “let’s just say both the truck and the previous owner will be sleeping behind bars.”

Check out the full video: