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The Sad Tales Of People That Crashed Their New Car On Their Way Out Of The Dealership

The Sad Tales Of People That Crashed Their New Car On Their Way Out Of The Dealership

There is nothing better than driving a brand new ride off the lot of the dealership. The odometer in double digits, that new car smell, plastic still on the carpet… it’s one of the best things that happens in life.

But what happens when that dream turns into a nightmare? For these poor saps, that’s exactly what happened!

Take, for example, the poor guy that got his car insured and then immediately needed to file a claim. Imagine having your premiums increase less than 5 minutes after covering the car!

“I had a summer job once working at an insurance agency. Dude comes in to add his brand new car to his policy, then wrecks it trying to leave the parking lot.

He just walked back in, laughed, and said, ‘well I guess it’s at least a good thing I’m still here.’”

Or the story of the kid that had just turned 16. Maybe his dad was too generous, but the kid still learned the lesson of patience behind the wheel the hard way.

“A 16-year-old kid and his dad. Dad seemed pretty level-headed and smart. He’s buying a brand new 2017 Tacoma. It’s all prepped and ready, and I teach both the father and the son about the head unit and infotainment system. The kid is sitting in the backseat, in the center. I am talking to the father, and the dad asks the son, ‘you paying attention back there?’

It turns out this $42,000 vehicle is the kid’s. His dad is buying him a brand new truck. Not just a new truck, but the most expensive trim level they make for this model.

Shortly after the salesman returns and shakes the dad’s hand, he gives the kid the keys and kid hops in the driver’s seat. He turns the truck on and lays a skittering patch right in right in front of the GM’s office. The GM comes running out, and the kid gets scared, drives to the exit and out into traffic. He does another burnout and crosses 3 lanes of traffic, jumps the median and crashes into the building on the OTHER side of the street. Luckily, no traffic was coming in either direction.

Meanwhile, EVERYONE is losing their minds. The GM is SCREAMING at the father and the father is SCREAMING back at the GM. The salesperson is folding in on himself, trying to make himself as SMALL as possible. I just walked back to my office in the service department, trying not to crack up., but when I get back to my office and close the door and spend about 5 minutes LITERALLY rolling on the floor laughing at this kid that totaled his new truck 10 seconds after starting it.”

Then there was the story of the guy whose truck fell apart just yards from the deal. We don’t want to disparage a car manufacturer, but this was pretty terrible!

“In 2012, at a Dodge dealer, a guy buys a brand new 4×4 Ram. Mildly optioned work truck in white.

He pulls out of the dealer with 11 miles on the odometer. Gets to the next red light right in front of the Lexus dealer and the front differential locks up. It rips the front axle from the body and folds under. The truck was towed back and nobody was allowed to touch it. Dodge recalled the truck for investigation.

The guy was given a truck with all the options and we suspected some shut up money.”

The classic story of man gets car, man crashes car. INTO HIS INSURANCE COMPANY’S BUILDING! Spoiler alert: He lost his coverage.

“My father’s cousin who was a bit of a simpleton bought a new car and was heading over to visit his agent to get it insured when he accidentally drove right into the agents building. They dropped him as a client.”

And finally, there was the story about the man of God that purchased himself a luxury automobile, only to have some idiot in a truck ruin the car the moment he drove it off the lot.

“A local prominent southern Baptist minister paid for a new Mercedes S-Class in cash, drove it off the lot and almost immediately got hit by a large pickup truck, totaling the Benz. It wasn’t his fault, but the thing that blew my mind is that he made a couple of phone calls, had a couple of guys meet him, walked right back onto the lot, and bought another Mercedes. Cash money.”