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The Craziest Stunt Crashes Ever Filmed

The Craziest Stunt Crashes Ever Filmed

Recently, Travis Pastrana did a much-hyped TV special that featured the motorcyclist performing three of Evel Knievel’s most famous stunt jumps. The third and final jump was a recreation and attempt at what is probably Knievel’s most famous stunt, jumping the fountains in front of the Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas.

Of course, it’s most famous for Knievel crash badly. The dramatic footage of Knievel being tossed around like a rag doll is the stuff of legends.

It’s far from the only disastrous motorcycle jump in history though, but let’s start with it anyway.


Knievel’s crash shattered his body. He broke his hip, his pelvis, and numerous other bones. He ended up in a coma for 29 and it’s a miracle that he lived to tell the tale.

Gary Wells’ attempt to best Knievel by jumping the fountain at Caeser’s is not nearly as well known, but it is every bit as brutal. It was so bad, his aorta separated from his heart. How he lived is anyone’s guess.


Evel Knievel’s son, Robbie, has also had his own set of spectacular crashes. This one from his jump of the Grand Canyon. Believe it or not, the tumble at the end was actually planned, but he still broke his leg.

Motorcycle daredevils are hardly the only ones with spectacular crashes. Here is rally driver Guerlain Chicherit attempting to set the world record for a ramp jump. It doesn’t end well, but wow what a video!

Bob Pleso? was another of the 1970s rivals to Evel Knievel and like Evel, he also had some spectacular crashes, like this one.