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The Best McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys of All Time

The Best McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys of All Time

Imagine the great anticipation that everyone feels when you are digging down for your McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Over the years, there have been some incredible toys that have been available. Just getting your hands on these bad boys will cheer up a person’s day. These toys, though, have earned a hallowed place.

When these toys are found as part of a Happy Meal, it puts smiles on faces. There’s no doubt that the following McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have earned their place among the best of the best. Let’s get ready to dig in and see what are the best McDonald’s Happy Meal toys of all time.

Super Mario Bros. 3

In 1990, Super Mario Bros. 3 was red hot. You could collect four – yes, four! – characters right here. Mario, Luigi, Koopa, and Goomba could find their way into your lives. Setting all of them up for a battle can leave you itching for more. Toss in an extra sheet with some games on it. Get busy with your Super Mario Bros. 3 figures. That was the big one back in the day, and it’s still pretty hot these days, too.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

You could not get enough of having figures from the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 world in 1994. There were four specific toys that McDonald’s used for their Happy Meals. They were Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik. These days, if you are looking to collect these toys, then Tails will cause you trouble. It’s not out there a whole lot compared to the other three. Looking for a complete set of these Sega toys? It’ll cost you about $25.

McDonald’s Changeables Transformers

Imagine picking up a milk shake or McNuggets box back in 1987. If you did, then you’d get one of these super cool retro robots. Here’s an interesting tivia note: These Changeables were the first ones in the series. you were ahead of the times with these toys.

Sega Handheld Toys

Oh wow, these were interesting toys to get back in 2004. Imagine you get your Happy Meal and included with it is a handheld game. Not just any one, but a Sega one! Are you kidding? Yes, please! You could have gotten Super Monkey Ball or Tails Sky Patrol here. McDonald’s loves the Sega Handheld Toys. Especially for McDonald’s Happy Meal toys right here. Get ready for a lot of fun.

McDino Changeables

In 1990, these McDino Changeables were smoking for your McDonald’s Happy Meal toys delight. When you reach inside the meal, then you would find a dinosaur hoping to pop his head out. Maybe an arm, too. Who knows? Anyway, when you met up with one of these McDino toys, it probably put a smile right on your face. Sweet memories for those who were getting down with the Happy Meal back then.

McDonald’s McNugget Tetris

The very innovative minds over at McDonald’s struck it rich again. They’ve put a Tetris inside a chicken nugget. You pick up this item and think it might be scrumptious. Hold on there a minute, though. This item is a Tetris game, and it has computer chips in it. You might want to be careful when coming across this 2023 item.

ESPN Handhelds

Back in the 1970s, Mattel had some big scores with handheld games ranging from football to baseball. ESPN put its name on these 2004 handhelds, and people got these from their Happy Meals. The toys included football games (not soccer), tennis, basketball, motor racing, soccer, and Tony Hawk Skateboarding.