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The 10 Best Car Chases In The Movies Of All Time

The 10 Best Car Chases In The Movies Of All Time

There is nothing more fun than car chase in a movie. Especially the old-fashioned kind with no CGI, just pure driving ability and great special effects, like jumps and explosions. From comedies like The Blues Brothers to pure action like The Italian Job, movies are always better with a great chase. Here’s our ranking of the 10 best in cinema history.

10. The French Connection

Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) pulls the classic cop-in-the-movies move and “borrows” a civilians 1971 Pontiac LeMans and chases after a train. Truly one of the greatest bits of stunt driving in history.

9. Baby Driver

The newest entry on the list. A movie long on style if not on substance, there is no question the driving is incredible. The 6-minute opening chase is fantastic.

8. The Transporter

A franchise built on Jason Statham’s rugged good looks and a bunch of fantastic chase scenes.


7. The Fast & The Furious

Whether you love the series or hate it (there is rarely anyone in between), there is no question the car chase scenes are amazing.

6. Ronin

Two classic chase scenes that people will be raving about forever.

5. Smokey And the Bandit

An all-time classic. Is there anything cooler than Burt Reynolds driving a Trans Am with Sally Field riding shotgun? Nope.


4. The Italian Job

Both the 1969 original and the 2003 remake have amazing cars and amazing car chases, both should be on anyone’s list.

3. Bullitt

Ok, there is one thing cooler than Burt Reynolds driving a Trans Am, and that is Steve McQueen driving a Mustang on a white-knuckle ride over (and above) the hills of San Francisco.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

When this came out just a couple years ago, people were blown away. We did fudge and allow for some CGI because the scene is THAT good.

1. The Blues Brothers

There were two fantastic chase scenes, the first one, through a mall is hilarious. The second is nothing short of epic. Over 70 cars were destroyed, including a Pinto dropped from 1,200 in the air. The total cost came to $3.5 million! Amazing!