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Teens Steal Parent’s Tesla, Claim Car Drove Itself For 350 Mile Joyride

Teens Steal Parent’s Tesla, Claim Car Drove Itself For 350 Mile Joyride

Teslas truly are amazing vehicles. As the country transitions to electric cars, Tesla has pushed EVs into the mainstream as well as introduce a host of new high-tech features. Among these new innovations is Tesla’s autopilot feature. Though Tesla’s autopilot is meant to be a driver-assisted feature it hasn’t stopped folks from abusing it, unfortunately.

In a uniquely 2021 headline, two teens took their parents’ Tesla Model 3 for a joyride then claimed that its autopilot feature drove itself 350 miles.

The two underage teens were pulled over in Daytona Beach, Florida after their Model 3 was spotted driving on the wrong side of the road. When police approached the vehicle Sheriff Rick Staly was surprised to find no one in the driver’s seat; the two teens were in the back and claimed that the car had driven itself all along. Though it is highly unlikely that the Model 3 drove the kids against their will from Charleston, South Carolina to Daytona Beach.

To make matters worse, the two teens didn’t have licenses and even managed to back into the sheriff’s car cruiser.

Amazingly the two kids only managed to get a citation and an overnight stay at the Florida Department of Children and Family until their parents arrived.

“These kids are very lucky that no one was hurt and their actions didn’t have more serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a ‘smart car’, driving without a license is still against the law. I hope these kids have learned a valuable lesson and I am grateful that no one was hurt and only minimal damage occurred to their vehicle,” stated Sheriff Staly.

Check out the full video below: