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One Guy Steals The Same Truck Twice In One Day

One Guy Steals The Same Truck Twice In One Day

This guy really wanted this truck!

Central Coast Brewing, a brewery in San Luis Obispo, CA, owns a pretty cool truck. It’s an old, 6-wheeled Military surplus truck, one of those giant ones that get about one mile a gallon but can haul anything through any terrain. Central Coast uses it to haul around brewing equipment and a large pizza oven they use for catering events. It’s huge, it’s slow, it’s difficult to drive and it’s difficult to start. It’s not exactly the kind of vehicle that a car thief would usually go for, but that didn’t stop a guy from breaking into their parking lot an going for a spin!

That’s when things got really weird.

A similar truck to the one that was stolen

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The owner of the Brewery, George Peterson, reported the truck stolen and hours later, late on a Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, he heard back from the cops – the truck was back at the brewery. The knucklehead that stole it returned it almost as quickly.

Later that morning, Peterson was watching the footage of the car thief stealing the truck on his surveillance system when he heard the truck start in the parking lot. “It’s our same guy!” Peterson said.

That’s right. Roughly 7 hours after the thief returned the truck, he himself returned to steal it. Again!

This time he didn’t get very far and Peterson went out and confronted the man, after calling the police again. The man was arrested, but Peterson declined to press charges. In a crime this bizarre, Peterson decided that the “man needs a doctor, not a jail cell, so police connected the man with mental health resources.”

Here’s the full story from KSBY: