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Man Pets And Hand Feeds Wild Crocodile

Man Pets And Hand Feeds Wild Crocodile

Watch as this man hand feeds and pets a 16 ft 500 lb wild apex predator like its nothing. I can’t tell if these people are brave or stupid.

More About One of Africa’s Most Dangerous Predator- The Nile Crocodile

Here are some facts from Storyteller.Travel about the Nile crocodile so you can better realize how dangerous this video really is:

  • Nile crocodiles have no natural predators in their hunting ranges, so everything is prey. This includes humans.

  • They are known as “man-eaters” because of their aggressive personalities and willingness to attack anything that stumbles into their lake or marsh. 

  • It’s estimated that Nile crocodiles kill between 200 – 300 people per year. This isn’t including the number of attacks and injuries that don’t result in a fatality.

  • They can take down everything from a jackrabbit to a full-sized hippopotamus.

  • Even though they’re capable of working together in groups, a study of captive Nile crocodiles found that they all fought viciously when live food entered the equation.

  • Nile crocodiles prefer live prey. It doesn’t matter if the animal is small and the meat portions are large. They want the food that’s still wiggling.

  • The bite force of adult male Nile crocodiles is between 3,000 – 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi). For comparison’s sake, the human bite measures around 150 – 200 psi

  • Contrary to popular belief, a crocodile’s bite isn’t automatically fatal. They use their teeth to hold the animal still while they trash it around or drag it back to the water to drown. Their teeth are used more as tools than weapons.

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