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Man Extends His Own Guinness Record by Eating Over 34,000 McDonald’s Big Macs

Man Extends His Own Guinness Record by Eating Over 34,000 McDonald’s Big Macs

After downing 728 more Big Macs in 2023, Donald Gorske has supersized his world record for most McDonald’s Big Macs eaten in a lifetime. Don’s tally has reached an impressive 34,128 Big Macs, according to the Guinness World Records.

The 70-year-old retired corrections officer from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, enjoyed his first Big Mac almost 52 years ago, on May 17, 1972. “In that moment, I said: ‘I’m going to probably eat these for the rest of my life.’ I threw the cartons in the back seat and started counting them from day one,” Don wistfully told Guinness World Records.

He’s recorded every Big Mac he’s eaten since then and still keeps all the containers and receipts.

Don snagged his Guinness World Records title in 1999, but he had been in the news for suffering Big Mac attacks at McDonalds since 1986. That was also the year he started working at a maximum security prison in Wisconsin.

Despite declining interview requests to avoid verbal abuse from inmates if seen on TV, soon the entire prison learned about his unique diet. However, Don’s fellow officers were supportive of his record and on days with double shifts, they’d sneak in McDonald’s Big Macs for him.

The Record Holder Once Scarfed Down Up to Nine McDonald’s Big Macs a Day

When he initially started eating Big Macs, Don consumed up to nine a day. However, he has found that moderation is key. Nowadays, he typically has two: one for lunch and one for dinner.

He used to visit McDonald’s every day while working, but since retiring, he purchases Big Macs twice a week in bulk. He savors one fresh at the restaurant and reheats the others at home when hunger strikes.

Besides Big Macs, Don has a limited diet. He skips breakfast and only has a light evening snack, such as ice cream, a fruit bar, or potato chips.

Having devoured over 34,000 Big Macs, Don flaunts a problem-free health report. His secret? Ditching the fries and strutting six miles each day to maintain his physique.

After over five decades of savoring Big Macs, Don still enjoys them with the zeal of a newbie burger enthusiast. “People who have watched me eating a Big Mac often comment that I look like I’m eating one for the very first time,” he explained. “Many people thought I’d be dead by now but instead I’ve been a record holder for my 24th year – one of Guinness World Records’ longer-running record holders, so that’s pretty cool to me.”