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Man Accused Of Hit And Run Drives Away With Victim On His Hood

Man Accused Of Hit And Run Drives Away With Victim On His Hood

For one driver, November 29th is a day he’ll not soon forget. His troubles began when he was rear-ended while driving his truck. Like any other normal person, he hopped out of his vehicle to assess the damage of what he thought was a fender bender. What happened next was the ride of a lifetime!

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As the driver of the pickup walked towards the Dodge Charger that had hit him, the driver of the Charger, Andrew Bush, a fifty-year-old man from College Station, TX, gunned it towards the man. The driver of the pickup was forced to jump onto the hood to avoid being run over, grab hold to the dented hood as he did and then hold on for dear life. Bush, who is charged with being under the influence at the time, sped down the road going up to 50 mph and into a gas station, swerving as he did in an attempt to dislodge the pickup truck driver from the front of his car.

Steve Christian was witness to the scene and posted a short video on his Facebook page that quickly went viral:

Finally, Bush pulled into a gas station and the driver of the truck was able to jump off, thankfully uninjured.

Of course, Bush still tried to get away until several cars were “able to box his car in, trapping him until police arrived.”

Bush was arrested and booked with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which could land him in prison for 20 years and misdemeanor DWI (his second, surprise, surprise) as well as “failure to leave information.” At last report, he was being held at the Brazos Country jail on $18,000 bond. Bush later admitted to having a Four Loko prior to the ordeal. We didn’t even know that was still a thing!

The city of Bryan, TX posted other details in a Facebook post after they arrested Bush. We are just glad no one was injured.