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LEGO Has Built A LEGO Bugatti And It Actually Drives!

LEGO Has Built A LEGO Bugatti And It Actually Drives!

When Volkswagon bought the Bugatti brand in the late 1990s, they had a few ideas of where to take it.

In 2001, they came up with a plan. They were going to build the fastest production car ever. But not only would it be the fastest, it would be packed full of the latest and most innovative technology they could come up with. It was a bold idea and when they finally brought the Bugatti Veyron to market in 2003, it was a marvel. It was hailed as the greatest car ever built. James May on Top Gear called it a “Concorde moment,” meaning the tech and the engineering was so far ahead of anything else, it might just have been the greatest car ever built, then, now and in the future.

The Veyron blew away ever record for a street-legal car, topping out at an astonishing 267 mph. It was everything VW said it would be, and more. What would they dream up next?

Flickr / Eddy Clio Bugatti Veyron

Next was the Bugatti Chiron. Introduced in 2016, the Chiron is very much like the Veyron, including the insane price tag, $3 million. Actually about a cool mil more than the Veyron when it was introduced.

It, like it’s older brother, is a work of art and engineer that is unsurpassed. Perhaps until now, because LEGO has built their own, full-size version of the Chiron and its art and engineer is every bit as worthy of praise as the car it’s modeled after.

And yes, it can be driven.

The Chiron and Its Lego Replica Courtesy of Lego

Ok, so obviously the Lego version can’t do 261 miles per hour like a real Chiron. Nor does it produce 1,500 horsepower. The Lego version, built using only Legos (339 different types of pieces) and Lego Motors, produces more like 5.3 hp from those 2,304 Lego motors. It took Lego engineers more than 13,000 hours to build in total and while it also falls a little short of the 261 mph top speed too, coming in closer to 12 or 13 mph, it works and that is the most fantastic part! Lego has built a lifesize, WORKING model of one of the fastest (and most expensive) cars in the world and to that, we tip our hats. Well played Lego, well played!