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I Don’t Understand How People Can Handle These Absurd HOA Laws

I Don’t Understand How People Can Handle These Absurd HOA Laws

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While living in a homeowner’s association might seem like a dream, they can be anything but! Take a look at some of the wildest HOA rules from across the country.

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#1. Keep your towels to yourself.

In one HOA, residents are not allowed to share towels while at the community pool. A hefty $25 fine is given to those seen borrowing a towel; I guess sharing isn’t caring?

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#2. Blue trampolines are not welcome.

One HOA prohibits the use of blue trampolines, and instead urges residents to opt for either blue or green ones.

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#3. Keep the bikes off of the balcony.

Residents in one HOA are not allowed to store their bicycles on their balconies, which can prove to be quite an issue. Many people living in an apartment do not have access to a garage or a storage unit, so where else are they supposed to keep them?

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#4. Specific Christmas lights colors.

Isn’t decorating for the holidays supposed to be fun? Well, not in one HOA where residents can only have Christmas lights of a specific color. To make matters even crazier, the color light depends on the house number, since the HOA wants a good “variety.”

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#5. Washing machines are not welcome.

Looking to do a quick load of laundry? Well, that’s not possible in HOA who has banned having washer and dryer units inside property units. They didn’t even specify if there is a laundry room onsite, or if residents have to go to a laundromat!

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#6. Specific shades of paint.

Looking to paint your house a crazy, fun color? Well, that won’t fly in this HOA that requires all houses can be one of seven particular colors. If that was difficult enough, the paint isn’t available in local hardware stores!

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#7. No tricks or treats.

Halloween is a classic holiday, and who doesn’t love dressing up and scoring some free candy? Well, HOA does not! Residents are forced to take their children elsewhere to enjoy a night of costumes and sweets. The HOA head claims it’s due to “safety concerns,” but come on buddy, you’re not fooling anyone.

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#8. Hummingbird feeders are not allowed.

Sorry hummingbird fans, one Houston HOA strictly prohibits the use of hummingbird feeders. This is rather interesting, considering the Houston climate is perfect for the small birds. This raises a lot of questions; what did the birds do to anger an entire HOA board?

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#9. Keep those garage doors open.

This one is a head-scratcher; one HOA demands residents must keep their roll-up garage doors open from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if the resident is home, the door still has to be open. If someone, god forbid, closes their garage, they have to cough up $200.

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#10. Curtains have to be on second-floor rooms.

One HOA member was shocked to be told to put up curtains on his second floor windows, all because his neighbors complained they could see into his house. Maybe don’t look into someone else’s house?