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Epic Police Chase Ends After Car Runs Out Of Gas

Epic Police Chase Ends After Car Runs Out Of Gas

Sandy, Utah police were in for quite a treat one night when a crazy driver decided to lead them on a high-speed chase through multiple cities. What started out as one police officer pulling over a man, turned into him making a crazy getaway drive.


It was 3:45 a.m. when a Sandy, Utah police officer noticed a BMW didn’t have any plates and wanted to offer the friendly reminder this man couldn’t keep driving without them. Well, this man definitely wasn’t hearing him and immediately fled the scene. The officer didn’t pursue, but let his buddies know that they needed to track this guy down.

Immediately, officers in the surrounding area noticed the BMW again at 4 a.m. and came up with the perfect plan to stop him. They put tire spikes in place to force the driver to finally stop his path of fury. However, once the driver drove onto the street where the officers had the spikes in place, he thought fast, swerved, and nearly hit an officer in the process. That’s when the real chaos ensued.


*”The car swerved and tried to hit one of our officers who jumped out of the way,” Unified Police Lt. Brian Lohre said. *

In order to avoid the spikes and get vengeance on the officers pursuing him, the lunatic driver “crossed several lanes of traffic, crossing into oncoming lanes, and drove straight toward the officer,” according to a Salt Lake County Jail report. Needless to say, the police had had enough and were ready to take this guy down.


According to the police, they chased the guy down through at least four surrounding cities/towns. Even once they were able to successfully hit his tires with their spikes, because, according to one officer, BMWs are a more high-end car with good tires, the man still kept rolling! This led to a 30-minute chase and it seemed like nothing was going to stop this guy! We’re sure he was feeling really good about himself… until that gas gauge kept blinking in his peripheral vision.


Now out of gas and nowhere to go, the driver continued running away from officers until they were ultimately able to apprehend him once and for all.

It turned out this wasn’t his first encounter with the law. The man had previously been arrested for (not so shockingly) similar reasons for this crazy night: drinking heavily while driving and illegal substance abuse.

So here’s a note for any other crazies out there who want to try to outrun the cops: make sure you check that you’re as far away from E as possible.