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Entitled Karen Parks In Person’s Driveway, Gets An Unwelcome Reality Check – Part 2

Entitled Karen Parks In Person’s Driveway, Gets An Unwelcome Reality Check – Part 2

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The Saga Continues…

After having enough of Karen’s tomfoolery, Clint and Jake knew they needed to take charge and end this once and for all. After Karen just walked over to the party, completely ignoring what Clint and Jake had set, they played the only card left in their deck; calling a tow truck. To be fair, they did try several more times to get her attention to come back and take care of the situation. Unsurprisingly, she simply ignored them. This made things about ten times more awkward because Karen was outside, and could clearly hear everything they were saying to her.

She even went so far as to completely avoid eye contact with Jake when he approached her to discuss her parking spot! If it wasn’t for the host of the party, “Claire,” noticing him and asking why he was there, Jake may have thought he was invisible!

“My dad told me to confront you,” Jake began. “So we were saying-“

“I don’t even wanna hear it!” Karen screeched. “I’m here to attend the party, not get assaulted by a young man and his father!”

Is “assault” really the right word to use here? All Jake and Clint did was try to have a conversation about something completely reasonable, which Karen made almost impossible to do! But Karen, still thinking she was in the right, proceeded to pull the ultimate Karen card.

Before Jake even had a chance to respond, Karen whipped out her phone and called the police.

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Upon seeing Karen yank her phone out of her pocket and began to dial those three numbers, Jake immediately signaled to his dad what Karen was about to do.

“Woah woah woah woah,” Clint said as he hustled over. “Lady, are you calling the police for something that isn’t our fault?”

“No. I am calling the police for assault,” Karen sneered.

Trying not to laugh at the extreme lengths this insane lady was going to, Jake and Clint decided to just sit back and enjoy the show. When the cops arrived, Jake and Clint explained their side of the story (also known as the truth), and then Karen got her chance to shine. Shockingly (but at the same time, not at all), the cops sided with Jake and Clint in this mess. Even with law enforcement officers telling her she was wrong, Karen continued on with her tirade. Enraged she had been given a warning, Karen threatened to file a complaint against the officer. Of course, this went nowhere; the officer himself even told Jake and Clint to tow Karen’s car if she didn’t move it soon.

After all of this trouble, one would think Karen would just admit defeat and move her car. But this is a Karen we’re talking about, so of course, she didn’t. So, Jake and Clint did what they had to do, and called a tow truck to remove the car from their driveway. Amazingly enough, Karen didn’t even notice! She probably had a hard time noticing her surroundings with her head so far up her butt.

A few hours later, when the party had ended, Karen finally emerged to retrieve her car and head back home. Luckily for Jake, he was outside on the porch, so he got to see Karen’s melt down over realizing her car was gone.

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Karen: “Where’s my car?”

Jake: “What do you mean?”

Karen: “My car!”

Jake: “Oh, it’s in the garage in case it rained.”

Karen: “Who said you can put it in there?”

Jake: “Uhh I don-“

Karen: “I’m calling the police!”

It was like deja vu – police were once again on the scene within minutes, and both parties relayed their side of the story. Thankfully, the officer immediately saw through Karen’s insane story, and rightfully sided with Jake and Clint. The officers took the situation over from there, finally releasing Jake and Clint from the horrors of the past few hours.

It’s hard to believe it took two visits from law enforcement officers to tell Karen she was in the wrong, and even then, there’s a good chance she still doesn’t fully grasp the concept. Let’s just hope for everyone’s sake, the next time she goes to a party, she parks where she’s allowed to.