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Driver Puts An Injured Bobcat In Car Next To Their Own Toddler

Driver Puts An Injured Bobcat In Car Next To Their Own Toddler

On September 18th, a woman in Colorado Springs, CO put an injured bobcat into the back of her vehicle. Sources from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department say that an unnamed woman found an injured bobcat on the side of the road, and then proceeded to swaddle it in a blanket and placed it in the backseat of her SUV next to her 3 year old son in a booster seat.

After calling the Parks and Wildlife Association, the department advised her and her son to immediately vacate the car and to wait until a certified employee was able to arrive. Upon arrival, the local district wildlife manager was able to successfully remove the bobcat from the vehicle.

Unfortunately for the bobcat, it had life threatening injuries, including multiple internal wounds, as well as paralyzed hind legs. After undergoing a medical checkup at the Parks and Wildlife station, the bobcat was unceremoniously put down at a local veterinary office.

Pixabay / skeeze

Parks and wildlife service clarified publicly that it was dangerous to put a wild bobcat or any injured animal into one’s car, especially next to a child.

If you were in a situation similar to that what would you do? Would you have put an injured wild animal in your car? Let us know in the comments section below.