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DIY Nightmares: The Craziest Car Mods We Found On The Internet

DIY Nightmares: The Craziest Car Mods We Found On The Internet


1. Fast And Delirious

When you want a hood scoop but can only afford an HVAC guy.

2. If It Rolls It’s Good!

I don’t even want to think what happens when you try to hit the brakes or turn in this thing.

3. The Amish Have Gone Too Far

Ah, yes. The classic snowflake horse carriage rims.

4. This Poor Audi

This is the complete opposite of a muffler.

5. This Lifted Ford Ranger

Now, I can appreciate a nice Ford Ranger but one sharp turn with this thing and you’re tipping right over!

6. I Have No Words

This truck looks like an optical illusion. It looks like the left side of the bed is just gone but the tailgate is still intact? What the hell?!

7. She’s A Brick… Car

I would not want to collide with this Volvo! Probably feels like running into a brick wall.

8. The Beetle Tank

Ah yes, just what the Volkswagon Beetle needed: surface-to-air missiles!

9. Jeep People Are Something Else

This one is a head-scratcher. I feel like chopping up your quarter panel and a window like this is so much more work than to just keep the spare stowed in the back or maybe the roof? Bizarre!

10. Saving The Best For Last

I’m sure everyone has wondered what a lifted truck would look like with clown car wheels but this mad man actually did it to his Toyota Tacoma. Thank you, bizarre stranger! Now get this monstrosity out of my face.