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Chuck E. Cheese Game Show In the Works ‘With a Super-Sized Twist’

Chuck E. Cheese Game Show In the Works ‘With a Super-Sized Twist’

Chuck E. Cheese might be where a kid can be a kid, but a new game show promises that adults can also have that opportunity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, plans are underway for a TV show based on the property. However, this isn’t a Nickelodeon Double Dare sort of throwback for children. Rather, the contestants will be adults.

The Chuck E. Cheese game show, produced by Magical Elves, is yet to be officially titled. However, reports suggest that it will take the form of a game show, reminiscent of Squid Game, where adults participate in more mature versions of popular childhood games. Winners will have the opportunity to select their prizes from an oversized version of the Chuck E. Cheese prize wall. This unscripted project also marks CEC Entertainment’s debut in this genre.

The show’s official concept reads, “The format will feature stand-alone comedic physical challenges where duos of ‘big kids’ (a.k.a. adults) will compete over supersized arcade games — including pinball, air hockey, alley roller, and the human claw. The top ticket-earning duo will get the chance to exchange their tickets for prizes of the massive version of the iconic Chuck E. Cheese prize wall.”

“Chuck E. Cheese is THE place where a kid can be a kid – but as grown adults, we still have dreams of ruling the arcade, taking on the iconic games we love!” Magical Elves co-CEOs Jo Sharon and Casey Kriley said in a statement. “We’re excited to celebrate these legendary arcade games plus the best of today, all with a super-sized twist.”

The Chuck E. Cheese Gameshow Comes Not Long After the Success of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’

Of course, the announcement of the new show came mere months after the theatrical release of the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. The film drew inspiration from video games, which in turn took inspiration from the animatronic characters found at Chuck E. Cheese and ShoBiz Pizza establishments. The box office success of Five Nights at Freddy’s likely raised brand awareness for Chuck E. Cheese, leading to the adult gameshow concept.

Founded in 1977 by Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese has persevered through its share of challenges. The gameshow might be an attempt for the brand to go outside of its current business model. Reportedly, the franchise, which relies on in-person visits over carry-out pizza, has struggled since COVID-19. However, the restaurant chain still has 567 locations spanning 47 states and 18 foreign countries.