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Fiery Crash In Brooklyn Conjures Iconic Scene From Back To The Future

Fiery Crash In Brooklyn Conjures Iconic Scene From Back To The Future

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It looks like a scene ripped straight from Back To The Future, except this isn’t acting and there are no special affects. This was the scene on an actual street in Brooklyn, NY on the night of September 26 when a car collided with a motorcycle leaving behind a trail of flames.

Carlos Pichardo captured the viral scene on video and posted it to Facebook.

“I heard a screeching sound and when I looked up it was a car pushing a flaming motorcycle down the street,” Pichardo says in the video’s description. Don’t think anyone can blame Pichardo for his reaction either.

“Yo, the f**!” just about sums up the normal response to a Honda CRV driving straight from the underworld.

Other than the video, there is little context as to how the fiery spectacle happened. The NYPD had only a brief statement on the incident:

“Upon arrival, officers discovered a vehicle and a motorcycle pinned to each other and both drivers fled the scene of the accident.”

“There are no arrests at this time and the investigation continues.”

Amazingly a passing garbage truck could not even be bother by the spectacle and drove right through the blazing roadway. Guess that’s just another day in Brooklyn. Luckily no one was injured by the crash but at least we now have this crazy irl movie scene that would even make Back To The Future’s Dr. Emmet Brown proud.