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Boy Loses Teddy Bear On Flight, Airline Sends Him New One

Boy Loses Teddy Bear On Flight, Airline Sends Him New One

When Grayson Mulligan brought his favorite stuffed animal on a flight to New Orleans, he expected to have the time of his life with his teddy bear. Unfortunately, fate had different ideas as he accidentally left his toy on his Southwest flight.

As said in an USA TODAY article, his mother, Chrissy Mulligan, reached out to Southwest airline on social media to try to get back her son’s stuffed bear. Unfortunately, the airline was unable to locate the bear. In a surprise turn of events, the airline saw the message, and gave the best response possible. They sent the young boy a brand next teddy bear.

In a series of photos posted online by Mulligan, the bear is seen getting ready to fly home to meet his new best friend. First, the bear booked a flight home.

Then, the bear went to get a boarding pass.

The bear then waited patiently in the lounge for his flight.

Finally, it was time to take off! The bear was all buckled in to the seat, and was really for the flight.

What started out as a sad situation for young Grayson turned into one of joy, as he welcomed his new friend to his home.