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An Angry Delivery Driver Did The Unthinkable When A Customer Didn’t Tip And Yes, He Videotaped It

An Angry Delivery Driver Did The Unthinkable When A Customer Didn’t Tip And Yes, He Videotaped It

The abundance of online restaurant delivery services has changed the way people eat in America. It’s also changed the way paying has traditionally worked. At a traditional restaurant, or even with a tradition delivery service, the check – and the specifically the gratuity – come at the end of the meal. The case of this disgusting “human being” that was so upset about a person’s lack of a gratuity that he whipped out his balls and dunked them in some salsa intended for a customer like his nuts were the chips, highlights this changing standard and makes us question if this change is a very good idea.

A traditional tip was meant to be a little something added on for the server, for good service. For many years, the standard was 15% of the total tab. The waiters or waitresses who worked hard to serve your meal hot and with a smile on his or her face deserved a little something. Order the food, receive the food, eat the food, pay the bill, add the tip. If the service was great, leave a bigger tip! If it wasn’t so hot, take a little off!

But things have changed and that’s not how this story went down.

Some online delivery services have reversed things. They ask the customer to tip FIRST. Which of course, makes no sense. But it probably did contribute to this nasty delivery “man” who dipped his junk in the salsa like you dip a biscotti cookie in coffee.

You see, this “person,” identified by police as 31-year-old Howard Matthew Webb, was unhappy that a customer left a small tip for an order that took a long time to deliver. Of course, it’s 2019, so this idiot doubled down on his stupidity and had someone film the act, and the video of the nasty dude doing the nasty act got posted online by someone who was equally as disgusted as you are right now. Another, unidentified, person taking the video says “This is what you get when you give an 89 cents tip for an almost 30-minute drive,” as they both laugh.

So, this guy got cheated out of a few bucks and decided the best course of action was getting his dip on. Just. Foul.

Thankfully Mr. Webb was caught and charged by police in Tennessee with with “adulteration of food,” which is a felony. We support throwing the book at him.

What would you do if you found out your delivery driver added a little something…unsavory to your meal? Let us know in the comments below after you check out this truly sickening video.