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A Woman On A Mobility Scooter Terrorizes Her Neighborhood And Puts It All On YouTube

A Woman On A Mobility Scooter Terrorizes Her Neighborhood And Puts It All On YouTube

Already donning the nickname “MobilityMary,” a woman in a mobility scooter has been cruising the streets of her city unleashing “justice” wherever she see fits. She’s been posting her videos for more than a year from what appears to be a GoPro or a similar type of camera mounted to her scooter and until recently, she had minimal views of these videos of her adventures around her West Hollywood neighborhood. Yet in the past few weeks, her YouTube channel has blown up. So, why has her channel gotten the attention? It might be the way she obnoxiously goes about her life on a mobility scooter, insulting and berating her neighbors for her perceived slights and inconveniences. She is loud and she is pushy and it seems she’s made a lot of enemies in her neighborhood.

Let’s get this disclaimer out the way. Mobility scooters are a tremendously important invention for many, many disabled and handicapped people. They provide people with a level of independence that was previously not possible. They are undoubtedly a wonderful invention. In the same way, MobilityMary is not wrong all the time. She makes good points about the everyday difficulties that she and other handicapped people face that able-bodied people don’t usually even think about.

The problem (and what makes this funny for viewers) is the way MobilityMary goes about her crusade to clean up the streets of people walking dogs, riding scooters or making legal turns in their cars.

We’ve picked out a few choice (and hilarious) examples. Enjoy!

Please note, some of MobilityMary’s language is rated R.

This first video is pretty tame, by MobilityMary standards, but it immediately shows how insanely upset she gets from the jump. A poorly parked truck is blocking her way and she loses it.

One common theme – MobilityMary HATES dogs. A lot. Here, she yells at a woman for walking her dogs without a leash, worried that the two small dogs may attack her and scratch her and bite her and leave her with scars. Apparently, she’s had many. And this is obviously not the first time the woman with the dogs has had to deal with MobilityMary as she gets pretty snarky with her.

Here an “idiot” (MobilityMary’s words) has the gall to stand off to the side of a parking lot, obstructing no one. MobilityMary disagrees and lets the guy have it. He clearly isn’t interested in whatever she is whining about.

She is VERY upset about a stray scooter left on the sidewalk. Despite the fact that it is clearly a quiet street with plenty of room to go around it. Still, she is beside herself.

Another common theme is MobilityMary getting very upset when she believes she has been “cut off” while crossing the street – even if the car is as far as 10 yards in front of her. She doesn’t seem to understand that she isn’t the only one allowed to use public streets and sidewalks as is evident from another dog video. Here, she gets empathy from a passing jogger.

Here is one of her longer videos. She describes it as a “typical shopping ordeal” and so that seems to me she goes to the back door and screams and yells until someone helps her. you have to admire the guy at the store for keeping his cool.

MobilityMary gets really into a vigilante mode here! After a man pulls in front of her on the street to make a right into a Taco Bell, MobilityMary follows him into the drive-thru lane and begins a tirade, but before she can get a couple sentences out, the man is out of his truck, telling MobilityMary to go away and stop bothering him.

He’s not alone in that feeling, just ask the poor guy off to the side of a very wide handicapped crossing in a Whole Foods parking lot.

Finally, one last, longer video. In this gem, MobilityMary follows a woman walking her dog for quite a while, whining and screaming for the woman to move out of her way, as though MobilityMary is the only one allowed to use the public sidewalk. From the start, you can tell the woman has dealt with MobilityMary before as she immediately turns her head and flips her the bird.

While we sympathize with anyone who gets in MobilityMary’s path of vigilante justice, we hope for all our sakes she keeps on filming.