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A Tourist In Dubai Racked Up $47K In Fines In Just Four Hours Driving A Lambo Like A Madman

A Tourist In Dubai Racked Up $47K In Fines In Just Four Hours Driving A Lambo Like A Madman

A Million Dollar Police Car In Dubai (Image Source)

Dubai. Playground for the ultra-wealthy. A city where even the police drive supercars. It seems everyone in Dubai is loaded and they all drive insanely expensive and insanely fast cars. Tourists can rent some of the most expensive cars in the world when they visit. It’s this ability that has now landed a tourist from Wales, the UK in a lot of hot water.

The internet is awash in videos of insane drivers on the roads through the desert in the United Arab Emirates and it seems that 25-year-old British national Farah Hashi wanted in on the fun. Hashi figured all he needed was a Lamborghini, so he found a dealership that would rent one to him for 6,000 United Arab Emirates Dirham (about $1,630 USD). He left his passport with the dealers as a guarantee on the car and hit the roads.

The City Of Dubai (Flickr / Francisco Anzola)

Mere hours later, the man had racked up $47,000 in fines from speed cameras. It took him only 4 hours to get caught by the cameras 33 times. The SLOWEST he was caught going was 78 mph. The fastest? 143 mph. Of course, the Huracan has a top speed of around 200 mph, so he could have pushed even more. What’s more, there is now a dispute between Hashi and the dealership where he rented the car.


Hashi intended to rent the supercar in question for a couple days. After racking up the fines, it seems he has decided its best not to return the car. The dealership that rented it to him is afraid that they will get stuck with the fines and have to turn it over to the police impound if they pick it up. So there it sits, at Hashi’s hotel, the ultra-luxurious Five Hotel on Palm Jumeirah, one of the prestigious man-made islands in the Persian Gulf. It’s even become a little bit of a tourist attraction as it sits out front, waiting for action. What comes next is anyone’s guess.

Hashi has the car. The dealership has his passport. It’s a classic Dubai standoff and it looks like neither will give in.