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20 Interesting Car Facts I Just Learned

20 Interesting Car Facts I Just Learned

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Cars are a lot more than four wheels and a motor! Think you know enough about cars? Well, think again! Test your wits with these 20 interesting car facts; keep reading to learn how long the average American spends in traffic!

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#1. On average, a car spends 95% of it’s time parked.

I can concur with this, as I’m currently looking at my car in the parking lot.

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#2. The largest car manufacturer in the world is Toyota.

They produce over 13,000 cars a day!

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#3. The last car to have a built-in cassette player was made in 2011.

The Ford Crown Victoria went bye-bye, and so did the cassette player.

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#4. Be aware of when you’re slamming a car door in Switzerland.

It’s illegal to do so after 10 pm, so make sure you slam your doors accordingly.

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#5. Meet the world’s most accident-prone car.

The Ferrari 458 Spider holds that title, which uh, congrats I guess?

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#6. The fastest speed at the first U.S. automobile race was 15 miles per hour.

Uh, slow and steady wins the race I guess?

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#7. About 280 million car tires are discarded yearly.

I guess people got “tired” of using them?

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#8. The best-selling car in the world is the Toyota Corolla.

It’s estimated one of these bad boys is sold every 40 seconds; talk about big money!

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#9. 65% of all Rolls-Royces ever built are still been driven together.

These cars really stand the test of time!

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#10. Henry Ford made a Soybean Car back in 1941.

Unfortunately, this car was not edible.

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#11. The record for removing and replacing a car engine is 42 seconds.

The UK Royal Marines hold the record, and it was a Ford.

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#12. It’s illegal to drive in a dirty car in Russia.

Sounds like owning a car crash would be a lucrative business!

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#13. A car has around 30,000 parts.

I can name the horn, can someone else name the other 29,999 parts?

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#14. The first mass-produced car was the Ford Model T.

These cars were everywhere in 1908. They even cost as little as $250 in 1925!

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#15. The first recorded speeding ticket was given in 1896.

The driver was going eight miles per hour. Slow down, speedster!

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#16. There are more than a billion cars used around the world.

We’ve come a long way since the horse and carriage!

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#17. Driving an average of 60 miles per hour would get you to the moon.

This would take you about six months to complete. It might be a bit difficult though, considering the whole space issues.

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#18. If it feels like you’re spending most of your day in traffic, you’re not wrong.

On average, an American driver spends about 42 hours a year in traffic. Hopefully you’ve got a good playlist!

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#19. The title of the most stolen car goes to….

The Honda Accord! Actually, that’s not really an award anyone wants, but let’s go with it.


#20. BMW’s in South Africa had a spicy add-on option.

In order to prevent carjackings, you could attach a flamethrower. Known as “The Blaster,” this was one sure-fire way to keep yourself safe, but has since been discontinued.