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20 Cities With The WORST Roads

20 Cities With The WORST Roads

The CT Mirror

20. Hartford, CT

The poor road conditions in Hartford, CT have been identified as a factor in the growing number of accidents each year. 38% of the roads are considered to be in poor condition by the national transportation research group, TRIP.


19. Boston, MA

Known for having really bad traffic problems the road design in Boston, MA has been cited as one of the contributing factors. In fact, people have reported that the road design is so poor that it confuses their GPS system.

The Boston Globe

18. Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA is another city known for having poor roads. This combined with the occasional snowstorm has caused police to issue emergency statuses for road conditions.

The Press Enterprise

17. San Bernardino, CA

The roads in San Bernardino, particularly in the Riverside area, are known for being pretty beat up. Motorists have advised one another to stay out of the right-hand lane if possible.

Connecticut Magazine

16. New Haven, CT

The roads in New Haven, CT have been reported as having very bad potholes, bumps, and other issues that can affect your car’s alignment. TRIP has reported 42% of roads in New Haven to be in poor condition.


15. Concord, CA

The road conditions in Concord, CA are so bad that it has been estimated that with the $1.14 million per year road budget set to go into effect in 2015, it will take 75 years to get the roads to Grade B condition. A budget of $3 million per year would still take 25 years.


14. Sacramento, CA

Researchers have said that the bad roads in Sacramento, CA aren’t just bad for motorists but also bad for business. This has led to an average vehicle operating cost (VOC) of $658 annually.

Honolulu Star Advertiser

13. Honolulu, HI

While Honolulu, HI is known for having pothole plagued roads, it can take pride in the fact that it is one of the few cities on this list that is stated to be slowly improving road conditions. In 2008, drivers were estimated to have an average VOC of $701 which has now dropped to $598.

West Seattle Blog

12. Seattle, WA

While known for poor road conditions, the good news is that Seattle, WA is actually trying to do something about it. The bad news is that their plan has been called a “recipe for disaster” by the local newspaper “The Seattle Times.”


11. Tulsa, OK

The roads in Tulsa, OK are so bad that a quick Internet search can find law firms advertising their services to motorists who were injured in an accident. The city is trying to help somewhat and it is estimated that road crews fill an estimate of 250 potholes a day.

The Oklahoman

10. Oklahoma City, OK

The effort to patch potholes has also been happening in Oklahoma City, OK. With an estimated 47% of roads in poor condition, the question is whether or not it will be enough.


09. New Orleans, LA

It is not so easy for motorists to travel in The Big Easy. In 2010 it was reported that Louisiana had the worst roads in the US. It should then come as no surprise that New Orleans is ranked where it is on this list. Motorists spend an average of $687 on repairs per year due to road conditions.


08. Milwaukee, WI

Unlike some entries on this list, Milwaukee can’t claim that their road situation is getting any better; the number of potholes has increased from 667 in 2013 to 997 in 2014. Their especially rough winters lead to a lot of road deterioration. It is said that 1 in 3 roads in Wisconsin is in need of immediate repair.


07. Bridgeport, CT

The first thing you’ll see when doing a search on “bad roads in Bridgeport” is an ad for a lawyer who wants to help injured motorists file lawsuits. That is almost as shocking as the fact that TRIP has rated over half of the roads in Bridgeport, CT as being in poor condition.

NY Post

06. New York City, NY

They say things are expensive in NYC but the estimated average of $2,300 spent per year per motorist on auto repairs due to poor road conditions is pretty crazy for such an urban area. On top of that, reports find that up to 74% of NYC roads are in poor or mediocre condition.

Arizona Daily Star

05. Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ is known to have road problems such as rutting, depressions, and raveling in addition to common potholes. It would cost an estimated $850 million to fully repair all the roads in the city over a 10 year period.


04. San Diego, CA

Not only does San Diego, CA have issues with poor road conditions that cost motorists an average of $1,900 per year in vehicle repair costs, poor road design also leads to motorists sitting stuck in traffic for nearly 37 hours per year.


03. San Jose, CA

In 2010 reports listed San Jose as having the worst roads in the US. The fact that it is lower on the list in 2014 has more to do with the deterioration in roads in other cities rather than a serious effort to repair its own roads, but any victory is a good a thing.


02. San Francisco, CA

With an estimated 60% of its roads in poor condition, San Francisco, CA has moved ahead of San Jose and other California cities to claim the dubious title of #2 city in the US for bad roads.

NBC News

01. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA has been estimated by TRIP to have the worst roads in the US. An estimated 92% of all roads in the city are in poor or mediocre condition and motorists spend an estimated $2,485 per year in vehicle repair costs due to these conditions.