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18 Most Confusing Intersections In the World

18 Most Confusing Intersections In the World


Shanghai’s Nanpu Bridge Interchange

This swirling vortex of an interchange is located in Shanghai. First thing’s first, if you know what lane you need to be in then stay in it! The giant deluge of traffic splits up into five exits after looping around. Better not miss your turn!


Shanghai’s Nanpu Bridge Interchange (Continued)

Just another angle of this very impressive-looking interchange.

This Absolutely Crazy Highway Intersection in Tokyo

No this is not PhotoShop! This byzantine tangle of roads is actually a new highway intersection in Japan that gets drivers from Point A to Point B…somehow…!


Swindon, UK

The Brits have mastered the concept of ’roundabout-ception.’ They put five roundabouts in a roundabout so that… you can get super confused and have 10 different ways to get from one road to another. I’m honestly getting dizzy just looking at this mess.

Turbine Interchange, Jacksonville, Florida

Yes, it’s complicated but it works surprisingly well. This design is called a turbine exchange and it has to be one of the more aesthetically pleasing layouts on this list.

Live Japan

Shibuya Crossing

In Tokyo, this crossing on Shibuya looks like a normal intersection until the rush hour foot traffic arrives. If you’re in a car you better get used to waiting because the pedestrian is certainly king in Japan.


Taganskaya Square

Something had to have gone terribly wrong during the planning of Taganskaya Square. Not only is the layout highly confusing and in the heart of Moscow, but you must cross five lanes of traffic just to make a turn! It’s also no secret that Moscowvites are not generous drivers when it comes to letting people through.


LA Harry Pregerson Interchange

Yeahhh, so there’s about five options in every direction, and LA traffic is some of the worst in the world. This interchange isn’t helping.

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Arc de Triomphe

More like Arc de Confusion, if you get caught up in this roundabout you may be going in circles for a while! With so many lanes of traffic it’s almost every man for himself as you try to figure out which of these branching off streets is the one you want to take, because heaven forbid that you have to turn around and go into the roundabout a second time.


Arc de Triomphe (Continued)

See how in even slightly heavy traffic, you can end up with almost 10 cars across! How are people supposed to cross with nine cars next to them and trucks cutting them off in front?


Birmingham Spaghetti Junction

Officially named Gravelly Hill Interchange, locals appropriately call this tangle of interchanges Spaghetti Junction because, well…just look at it!

Virginia Department of Transportation

Diverging Diamond Crossover

This type of intersection switches the right and left lanes to try to make entrance and exit from the highways more efficient. It probably works, but for most people who have not seen it, it can be very confusing. Try to follow the lights and stay alert!

Qianchun Interchange in Guiyang

This mess of interstate exits is the latest in China’s impressive super-highway project. The Qianchun Interchange is one of several new additions that are connecting the bustling country. And if you’re wondering about the intricate design its because this highway is wedged between two massive hills.


Halifax 1

This intersection in Halifax has six roads and boulevards coming into the main intersection with two side roads coming in and out right nearby. There are trees blocking the vision of oncoming traffic, and you somehow have to make it to one of the roads of your choosing without crashing into other people doing the same thing.

Charismatic Planet

The Laguna Garzón Bridge, Uruguay

Though not exactly confusing, but you’re probably wondering why architects decided to make this bridge a circle instead of a straight line. Well, the reason is that engineers wanted to not only slow down traffic but encourage motorists to enjoy the natural beauty of the laguna.

DIY Photography

Seoul Toll

This isn’t quite an intersection per se, but Seoul Toll sure is a sight behold, in fact, it almost looks downright Photoshopped. The cascading waterfall of cars sure looks pretty cool, but that bottleneck sure isn’t fun. Regardless, all these cards are getting crammed into a narrower and narrower road in some kind of crazy free for all.

Aviation Stack Exchange

Gibraltar Airport

Don’t you just hate it when you’re late to work and a Boeing 767 decides to cross the street! Well, that is exactly the case at the exotic Gibraltar Airport where cars and airliners share the tarmac!


Meskel Square

In Addis Abeba, this intersection actually doesn’t have any lights! People literally are just going where they please, when they please, and everyone just has to kind of try not to hit anyone else. Keep your eyes open!


Ho Chi Minh City

In Vietnam, most people are driving scooters and motorcycles around. Being in a car must be terrible because you could hit someone with basically any movement!