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13 Awesome Ways To Repurpose Those Old Tires You Have Lying Around

13 Awesome Ways To Repurpose Those Old Tires You Have Lying Around


Garden Hose Holder

Flip the tire inside-out, add some paint if you’d like, and you have yourself a pretty slick way of containing that pesky hose.


Playground Ladder

Is your kid tired of climbing up that boring wooden ladder? Rip that old thing down and replace it with this super badass tire ladder!

iCreative Ideas

Rope Ottoman

Add a unique piece of art to your living room with this rope ottoman. Just glue a piece of plywood or cork board to one side, save the other for a lid, cover in rope and you are ready to attractively store items till you’re “tired.”



Why pay all that money for a gym membership, when you can get jacked from lifting tires?

Garden Know How


Either place them on the ground or hang them over your porch; these small gardens will make a great conversation piece. Paint them to match your backyard furniture or garden enclosure.


Coffee Table

This table is the perfect addition to any man cave out there. Find a tire, glue a fitted board to the top, fasten some legs, and you are ready for race day!



If you have the time and patience you can create an intricate chair weaved from the rubber. Or you can just stack some tires together and sit on them.


Dog Bed

What better way to share your love of cars with your four-legged friend than a tire bed? Throw in a pillow for comfort and you are good to go.


Speak Stands

With the right dimensions, some wire or steel, and a little creativity, you can create some unique stands for your speakers and subwoofers!



Oh no, you’re packing for the beach and you don’t have any flip-flops?! Roll out that old tire and get to cutting a base and fasteners; you’ll have some nifty kicks in no time.



Cut a tire in half, attach a board and get to teetering. This genius idea is lightweight and would be perfect to bring along on a camping trip or backyard barbecue.

My Desired Home

Small Pond

Three tires and one afternoon could help make your backyard look amazing. Add some well placed rocks and plants and your tire will provide a natural and water-tight base for your pond.


Don’t forget the classic — Tire Swing

Why try and make things complicated? Sometimes, just a good old tire swing is the best.