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10 Armored Cars That Will Break The Bank

10 Armored Cars That Will Break The Bank


Mercedes Benz S-Guard 600

This car is worth a whopping $1.4 million and is a common sight among heads of state to dictators and oligarchs. This sturdy Benz can stand up to projectiles, grenades, and sniper fire. On top of all of that, it can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds. But if its power that you’re after there are also V12 versions of this armored luxury ride.


Audi A8 Security

Love the Audi A8? Well, try the Audi A8 Security for size. This ride is worth between $685,000 and $1,000,000. This up-armored version of the A8 is made of steel, titanium, and Kevlar. But don’t let its sporty lines fool you, this car will protect against incendiary weapons, chemical attacks, and sustained gunfire. The protection of a military vehicle with the speed and elegance of an Audi!


Armored Maybach 62S Rijck

This elegant tank is also known as the private jet on wheels. The Armored Maybach is worth $352,000 and can resist high-velocity rounds from ten meters away. But the 62S wouldn’t be a Maybach without an exquisite interior. This ride sports custom sheepskin seats, dual monitors for the entertainment, 21-speaker surround sound and so much more. Powering the 62S is a roaring V12 twin-turbo pushing a hefty 612 horses.


BMW 7 Series High Security

A favorite of billionaires and legislators around the world, the BMW 7 Series High-Security sports some impressive protection. Priced at $350,000 this agile armored car can defend against projectiles and chemical weapons alike. The BMW 7 Series High Security can withstand attacks by military-grade weapons like the AK-47 and hand grenades. The armored 7 Series can also withstand 17 kilograms TNT roadside bombs, while its self-sealing fuel tank and tires will ensure you make it from Point A to Point B in one piece.

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Nobody goes through rides quicker than the Pope! Every other year or so, the Pontiff upgrades his vehicle with the greatest protection available. On average, these custom rides can cost around $300,000. No matter the model though, the Pope’s ride is almost always bulletproof and resistant to biological and chemical attacks. The current Popemobile is a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. Not as flashy as the others on this list but it sure does the job.

Conquest Vehicles

Conquest Knight XV

The Conquest Knight is ultra-luxurious, handcrafted, and extremely rare. In fact, Conquest plans to only make 100 of these vehicles total priced at $800,000 each. Inspired by military-grade vehicles, it’s no surprise that the Knight sports some serious protection. The XV boasts hardened steel fenders, Kevlar bumpers, and bulletproof glass that can absorb impacts from point-blank .44 caliber rounds. Topping off this beast is its powerful GM V8 6-liter 325-horsepower gasoline engine or Cummins ISB 6.7-liter diesel engine. Wherever you want to go, the Knight XV will get you there.

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Cadillac One

Also known as “The Beast,” this massively up-armored Cadillac is POTUS’s ride. Though much of the Cadillac One’s specs are classified, it is known that the vehicle can resist all kinds of gunfire, has self-sealing tires, as well as a filtration system in case of chemical attacks. Being the President’s personal limo, this ride comes prepared for anything. It is said that Cadillac One even contains a fridge full of POTUS’s blood type. This $1.5 million vehicle is the car equivalent of Air Force One. Powering the 20,000 lb Beast is a diesel-powered V8 6.6L turbo 300 hp diesel engine.

Fastest Laps

Dartz Kombat T98 SUV

Probably the most rugged looking vehicle on the list, the Dartz Kombat T89 SUV is one tough ride. At $200,000, the T98 can repel explosions, gunfire, and even direct hits from rocket-propelled grenades! Even more impressive is this SUV’s speed. The T98 has the title of the fastest armored car on the planet with a top speed of 111 mph thanks to its massive 8.1 liter Vortec engine


Batman’s Armored Ride, The Tumbler

Yes, you’re looking at the actual Tumblr from The Dark Knight Rises and that is because this beast actually exists and is surprisingly street legal! The vehicle is up-armored and is able to accelerate at high speeds but unfortunately does not come with missiles despite its hefty $1 million price tag.