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10 Amazing Cars Coming Out In The Next 2 Years

10 Amazing Cars Coming Out In The Next 2 Years

The next few years are sure to be some exciting ones for gearheads. Overhauls and redesigns abound across almost all makes and for some, it’ll be overhauls of some of the most iconic models in their lines. For other, newer makers, there is just as much excitement as they continue to expand their brand.

Image Source: Audi

10. 2020 Audi S8

Golfer rejoice! Join your lawyer buddies in the being the first to check out the latest design of the car that is chock full of social status!

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9. 2020 Genesis G70

Hyundai’s emergence in the luxury end of automobiles didn’t come as a huge surprise. Like Toyota with Lexus, the Korean carmaker has built a new line of high performance, high luxury cars designed and priced to compete with the likes of Lexus and Mercedes. The G70 will be Genesis’ new mid-size luxury car and is the first to be built from the ground up, not redesigned on an existing Hyundai platform.

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8. 2022 Volkswagen Microbus

Given the eco-friendly perception of electric cars, it should come as no surprise that the ultimate hippie vehicle, that icon of the psychedelic ’60s, the WV Microbus is being reborn as an electric touring machine. The nostalgia factor alone should guarantee healthy sales.

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7. 2021 Ford Bronco

That’s right, the SUV most famous for hauling OJ slowly around the LA Freeway system is back, baby! Designed to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, it’s sure to be a lot of fun for offroaders.

Source: Volkswagon

6. 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The 8th generation of one of the best and most fun cars in the world. It’s peppy, it looks good, and it’s affordable. What’s not to like?

Source: Volvo

5. 2020 Polestar 1

Volvo has decided that they will expand the purview of their in-house tuning shop by giving them a line of their own. And it’s an electric line to boot. This is just one of many electric cars that will be coming online in the next couple years, but given its pedigree, it’s safe to assume it’ll be one of the more reliable models.

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4. 2021 Dodge Viper

Another great American sports car is getting a redesign and wow, the renderings look awesome!

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3. 2020 Tesla Roadster

It’s always a worry that a Telsa model might not get built, but this is one that everyone should be looking forward to. It’s said to feature a BONKERS 0-60 time under 2 seconds!

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2. 2020 Chevy Corvette

The mid-engine Corvette is real! Decades in the making, is this finally an Amercian answer to mid-engined Euro supercars like Ferarri and Lamborghini? We sure hope so!

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1. 2021 Lagonda Sedan

Aston Martin is rolling out a new line designed to compete with the very high-end luxury sedan market. As you would expect from Aston Martin, it looks incredible. Will it be able to compete with the Bentleys and Rolls’ of the world? We’ll know in a couple years.

There are others out there, but those are the ten we are most excited about. Are there any out there that you are most excited about?