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Tom Selleck’s ‘Jesse Stone’ Movies: How to Watch Them in Order

Tom Selleck’s ‘Jesse Stone’ Movies: How to Watch Them in Order

Starring Tom Selleck, the Jesse Stone made-for-TV movies follow a police chief battling crime and personal issues in Paradise, Massachusetts. Most of these films, based on Robert B. Parker’s beloved novels, are available for streaming on various platforms.

Since 2005, nine movies from the Jesse Stone series have been released, with a highly anticipated 10th installment reportedly in development. Watching the entire series may seem overwhelming initially, but it’s a journey worth taking for Selleck fans.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage

The first stumbling block with watching Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone movies is the official order. Despite being the first chronologically, 2006’s Night Passage is actually the second produced Jesse Stone movie. The story unfolds as Stone, having assumed the role of chief of police, grapples with a domestic abuse case and a murder that deeply affects him on a personal level. In some ways, this serves as a prototype for Selleck’s future role as a police chief on Blue Bloods.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage features a stacked cast, including Viola Davis, Polly Shannon, and Stephen Baldwin. It’s considered one of the best films in the hit TV movie series and sets the stage for Jesse Stone’s future adventures.

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Premiering in 2005, Stone Cold introduced the Jesse Stone movie series tailored for CBS. It follows Stone’s investigation into a series of grisly murders while navigating his complex relationship with his ex-wife. Stone Cold sets the stage for Jesse Stone, complemented by Tom Selleck’s iconic performance. Its 2006 prequel, Night Passage, delves into his origin story with greater detail.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise premiered a few months after Night Passage, bringing the series back to the current timeline. As a veteran detective, Jesse Stone delves into the murder of a young girl, unraveling a captivating exploration of organized crime and the dark desires of a successful writer.

In Death in Paradise, Stone transforms into an action hero, departing from the introspective and melancholic tone of Night Passage. With higher stakes at play, Stone showcases his leadership skills in protecting his small town and uncovering a hidden, yet significant, threat.

Jesse Stone: Sea of Change

In Jesse Stone: Sea Change, Stone immerses himself in a new case to prevent himself from relapsing into alcoholism following his divorce from his ex-wife, Jenn. As the town grapples with the aftermath of a murder and sexual assault, Stone becomes determined to uncover the truth, driven by personal reasons that others may not fully comprehend.

Selleck’s acting in this installment runs deep, considered by many fans to be his best portrayal of the character. Tom Selleck earned an Emmy Award for his performance in Sea of Change.

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

Released in 2009, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice came two years after Sea Change making it the longest interval between Jesse Stone movies to that point. The plot of Thin Ice revolves around a missing child, presumed dead. A grieving mother, desperate for answers, implores Stone to reopen the case and uncover the truth behind her son’s disappearance.

This installment is solid, but perhaps not up to the standards set previously. Jesse Stone MVP Viola Davis skips this one, which might help explain some of the missing edges.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

2010’s No Remorse is the sixth installment in the Jesse Stone series. In No Remorse, Stone finds himself suspended by the Paradise town council, forcing his former team to handle a case independently. Simultaneously, he delves into another enigma on behalf of an old friend in Boston, entangled in a web of multiple murders.

This fun installment lets supporting characters, like Kathy Baker’s Rose Gammon and William Sadler’s Gino Fish get some major screen time. However, it does so without shortchanging Jesse Stone star Tom Selleck.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost

Innocents Lost, the 2011 Jesse Stone film, breaks away from the Robert Parker novels. This time out, the story is based on a screenplay by Selleck and Michael Brandman.

This installment follows the now-independent Stone as he investigates the tragic death of a young friend, all while Paradise undergoes a transition with the arrival of a new police chief. With an original story, the series shakes things up, showing there’s still life in the franchise.

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt is another entirely original screenplay crafted by Tom Selleck and Michael Brandman. In this eighth installment of the franchise, Stone reluctantly finds himself back in Paradise, facing the daunting task of solving a double homicide. Complicating matters further, one of the victims is the former chief of police, turning this case into a deeply personal affair for the retired Stone.

Tom Selleck’s Last Outing as Jesse Stone… Lost in Paradise

2015’s Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise made its debut on the Hallmark Channel, transitioning from CBS. This installment brings Stone back to Boston, where he confronts the challenge of apprehending a possible serial killer.

This might serve as the final installment of the franchise. However, Selleck has teased for years that he’ll return for a tenth installment. With Blue Bloods ending on the horizon, it might just happen.