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See Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven in the New ‘The Crow’ Reboot Trailer

See Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven in the New ‘The Crow’ Reboot Trailer

With the movie’s release looming just months away, Lionsgate has unveiled the debut trailer for The Crow reboot. Adapted from James O’Barr’s iconic graphic novel, the story follows a man murdered alongside his fiancée, only to resurrect with near-invulnerability and transform into the vengeful vigilante.

Bill Skarsgård steps into the role, succeeding notable actors like Brandon Lee in his final performance, as well as Vincent Pérez, Eric Mabius, and Edward Furlong.

The video provides a compelling glimpse into Skarsgård’s portrayal of Eric Draven and the character’s partner, Shelly, played by FKA Twigs. The Crow reboot trailer also teases the forthcoming intense violence in the new film, depicting Draven’s unyielding pursuit of retribution against the killers.

The trailer features a sequence of intense violence, showcasing Eric shooting through his own chest to counter an unexpected assailant, and later extracting a sword from his own body to complete the task.

‘The Crow’ Reboot Trailer Drops on the Heels of Mixed Fan Reactions to Eric Draven’s New Look

The trailer follows mixed fan reactions to the recently revealed first images of Skarsgård in the role. This 2024 Eric Draven sports a variety of tattoos (including one that makes him appear to be lactating) and a mullet.

The Crow fans drew parallels between Jared Leto’s criticized portrayal of the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad, contemporary rappers, and even Vanilla Ice.

However, it’s likely that The Crow reboot director, Rupert Sanders, anticipated pushback from fans. He acknowledged that Skarsgård’s portrayal of Draven draws inspiration from Post Malone and Lil Peep, rather than The Cure or Iggy Pop.

“I think the beauty of Bill is that he has a disturbing beauty, and as he transforms through his loss he becomes this thing that even he can’t control,” Sanders recently told Vanity Fair. “It’s that famous line: ‘Whoever fights monsters must be careful that they don’t become one.’”

“That look was me in the ’90s when we were squat-raving in London, [mixed with current pop stars] like Post Malone and Lil Peep. I hope people who are 19 today look at him and go, ‘That guy is us.’”

The original film The Crow was helmed by director Alex Proyas and starred the promising talent Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, in the role of Eric Draven. A tragic turn of events occurred during filming as Lee, at the young age of 28, was fatally wounded by a prop gun on set. However, The Crow persevered through the adversity and was eventually finalized and released by Miramax in 1994.

The 1994 film spawned a TV series and a slew of sequels, however, the original holds a special place for generations of fans. It remains to be seem what they will think of this new version, which drops in June.