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Lacey Chabert Describes ‘Mean Girls’ Cast Reunion As ‘Full Circle’ Moment

Lacey Chabert Describes ‘Mean Girls’ Cast Reunion As ‘Full Circle’ Moment

Following her recent reunion with Mean Girls co-stars Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried for Walmart’s 2023 Black Friday ad, Lacey Chabert spoke about the special and surreal event. 

While chatting with Yahoo! Entertainment about the reunion, Chabert called the experience a “full circle” moment for her and her Mean Girls castmates. “It was even more fun than it looked,” the actress gushed about the event. “It was a really special day to be with Lindsay and Amanda and to reminisce about the experience we had together, which is just so unique.”

Chabert also said it was great to catch up with Lohan and Seyfried. “We’re all moms now! It was really a full circle moment.”

The ad’s debut comes nearly 20 years after Mean Girls made its theatrical debut. The teen comedy film became super popular in the early 2000s. It was so popular that it inspired a Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical. The musical will be making its way to theaters in early 2024. 

Chabert went on to share about her time on the Mean Girls set and why it means so much to her nearly two decades later. “Whenever I do any project, I hope that it’s going to resonate with people,” she explained. “So, to have something be so well received is wonderful.” 

Lindsay Lohan Recently Spoke About How It Was Nice Getting the ‘Meant Girls’ Cast Together Again

Along with Chabert, Lindsay Lohan also spoke about what it was like to reunite with her Mean Girls co-stars once again. “It was so nice being back together after all these years,” the actress gushed to E! News before the commercial’s debut. “It was great catching up with everyone.” 

Daniel Franzese, who played Damian in the film, made an appearance in the ad as well. He told the media outlet being reunited around the Walmart campaign felt special for him. “And what better time to get together than right before the holidays,” the actor declared. Noting that the cast thought fans were going to be super excited to see the Mean Girls cast after all these years, Franzese said, “I knew we are excited for everyone to see what we’ve all been up to.” 

Franzese went on to jokingly add that the commercial is proof there is something here for everyone, but none for Gretchen Weiners. 

Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin G in the film and appeared in the ad, said the campaign felt like a really special form of time traveling. “Shooting this commercial for Walmart and being united with old friends!”