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‘Do You Like Scary Movies?’ Neve Campbell Returning for ‘Scream 7’

‘Do You Like Scary Movies?’ Neve Campbell Returning for ‘Scream 7’

A lot of Scream fans were disappointed when Neve Campbell didn’t pop up in Scream VI. The good news? she’s coming back for Scream 7. Campbell sat out due to salary issues with Spyglass, which produced the previous installment. Those issues are now in the background.

On Tuesday, Campbell took to Instagram and announced her return. She also let fans know that Kevin Williamson will be on board as director. This is important to longtime fans because Williamson actually created this franchise.

He worked closely with the late Wes Craven. Guy Busick is stepping in to write this movie’s script, the Hollywood Reporter indicates.

‘Scream 7’ Has Been Hard To Cast

As Scream fans know, trying to put this movie together has been a headache. They’ve had to watch things like Melissa Barrera getting fired, Jenna Ortega walking away, and Christopher Landon also moving along. But getting Campbell involved gives this movie some energy.

It means Sidney Prescott will be back on the movie screen. It also means that whatever salary problems were there in 2022 are now gone. Campbell put out this statement in 2022: “As a woman, I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream. I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise.”

The Scream franchise has received a boost thanks to Radio Silence’s involvement. Last year, Scream VI, led by Barrera, Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, and Courteney Cox, banked a $44.5 million opening weekend. Well, Radio Silence also will be executive producing Scream 7.

What is pretty amazing to note is how successful this entire franchise has been. Sure, it’s had movies as its base money-making outlet. But it also had a decent run on TV over the years.

Franchise Kept Going In Craven’s Wake

Of course, having Craven die from brain cancer in 2015 was a huge loss. Yet those who have come along in his footsteps have kept the Scream efforts on point. It’s a slasher film that will cause even the most casual movie watcher to feel the creepies.

Who isn’t disturbed when seeing old Ghostface show up on the screen? That face has become incredibly popular as Halloween can’t be celebrated without the look. Watching Sidney have to go through so much kept the drama pulsating in the franchise’s early films.

Because she’s such a strong character that fans connect with her, it’s great that Campbell is back. It’s not a stretch to feel like Scream 7 has a chance to do better than previous installments. Sure, this one will be missing other faces from earlier versions.

Campbell, though, probably will be able to give Scream fans their money’s worth. What will be interesting to see is how audiences react to this one. It has a built-in audience already waiting and ready to fork over dollars at the box office.

Scream 7 should be able to dominate its first weekend in box office numbers. So, keep your eyes on how this installment does with other movie fans. Campbell and Co. have their work cu