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Danny DeVito Says He Will Reprise Penguin Role in ‘Batman’ Under This Condition

Danny DeVito Says He Will Reprise Penguin Role in ‘Batman’ Under This Condition

Danny DeVito is quite open to returning as the Penguin in a future Batman movie, yet the veteran actor has a stipulation. It’s unclear whether this one would be doable or not. Fans of the franchise, though, loved DeVito’s work in Batman Returns alongside Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfieffer.

Those two might not come back in those roles…or could they? That might be on the table, too. After all, Keaton returned to play that character in The Flash. Still, it’s a long way from the early 1990s to the present day.

Back to DeVito. What is this stipulation the actor has put down? He opened up about it in a ScreenRant interview connected with his latest release, Matilda in Concert.

“If Tim Burton was directing it, I’d be there in a second,” DeVito said. “Oswald Cobblepot is my favorite. I had a good time. It’s operatic. I like every once in a while going big [Laughs], and so I’d do that in a second. We had a ball doing that.”

Danny DeVito Wants Director Back on ‘Batman’

Burton was behind the camera for Batman and Batman Returns. Yet the rather dark, almost gothic look that Burton put on these two films hurt promotional efforts. At least for those involving places like McDonald’s, who wanted to pitch upbeat items like toys or food tie-ins. Warner Brothers, the studio in charge of filming, was not a big fan of his dark style.

Burton skipped away from the third movie and Keaton didn’t reprise his role. In the third Batman movie, Val Kilmer came on board as the Caped Crusader. Joel Schumacher took over Burton’s spot as director.

Alas, though, things can change over the years. Burton came back into the Beetlejuice world to direct the sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. Of course, Keaton has returned to play his iconic role, too. Could this set into motion wheels leading to a Batman movie?

Maybe it could become a possibility if the movie studio and Burton can agree. Now, there has not been any word about Burton having talks to do this. Any movement in this direction, at this time, probably would be under wraps.

Actor Does Love Playing Oswald Cobblepot

Getting Danny DeVito on record for Batman, though, is a feather in Burton’s cap. It also says something about DeVito’s willingness to come back and go through that make-up hell every day of filming. That’s quite a long process the one-time Louis DePalma of Taxi fame had to endure.

Yet there are roles actors who fall in love with and then are willing to do the work. DeVito, based on his comments, would be willing to lean in there and play Oswald Cobblepot one more time. What would it take to get Keaton back on board? Heck, they’d have to let that Batman suit out a little bit. When he popped up at the Oscars alongside his Beetlejuice co-star Catherine O’Hara, Keaton looked in pretty good shape.

What would the story look like if these stars aligned? Burton would make it work through his camera eye. Present actors with a script they can work with and let them go at it. Keaton, as we noted, just played Batman. Oh man, the possibilities probably leave fans of the franchise whetting their whistles. DeVito has opened the door a jar, so let’s see if the door gets opened wide. Batman fans, hold your breath.