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Ex-UFC Star Brendan Schaub Flips Truck in Terrifying Wreck Captured on Dash Cam

Ex-UFC Star Brendan Schaub Flips Truck in Terrifying Wreck Captured on Dash Cam

Brendan Schaub, a former UFC fighter, decided to take his new tricked-out TRX out for some fun that almost turned deadly. Schaub was showing off his truck while filming videos for his Tune Town show on YouTube. The shots that he picked up for his show were going well.

It was a beautiful, blue-sky day and Schaub was just taking it all in. The TRX was handling quite well as the truck was moving through boulders, sand, and dirt. Yes, Schaub did get stuck out there for a little bit. But things were just rocking along.

Schaub took his truck out to Johnson Valley, Calif., for his fun day, TMZ reports. You know, there are ways to take chances and after you’ve spent time in the Octagon, you might feel invincible. Like, you know, nothing can hurt you or even bother you.

Brendan Schaub Sees Good Day Go Belly-Up

Schaub, 40, was filming himself behind the wheel. It looked like he was going to get out of there without any big-time issues. He probably thought to himself, “Hey, while I’m here, I might as well do some donuts in the desert.”

That sounds logical. Schaub had that tricked-out TRX. Nothing could go wrong doing some desert donuts, right? Schaub will just plan on doing a couple, get some cool video, and call it a day.

Yeah, that works until, kind of like your opponent in the Octagon, someone punches you in the face unexpectedly. In this case, Schaub’s issues came when he lost control of his truck while doing those dang donuts.

The whole incident is caught on video. Schaub is just tooling around, working on his desert donut driving. Then, at one point, the mighty TRX starts tipping over on its side. Schaub starts sliding around like Captain Kirk losing control of the Enterprise on Star Trek.

Ultimately, Schaub’s airbag blows up as he gets tossed around like loose change in his truck. We get a chance to see him almost upside down from the accident. Schaub did all this after putting down $200,000 (according to him) for the TRX.

There’s good news, though, about the situation. Schaub let the world know that he’s doing OK, except for that concussion he suffered in the accident.

“Definitely didn’t need another one,” Schaub said. “But it could be a whole lot worse.” Yes, it could have been a LOT worse. Still, Schaub probably will turn this into a stand-up routine for his fans. People who follow Schaub on social media look for ways to connect with him. Through his accident, someone who also may have been through a similar situation could take solace in how he handled it.

Schaub Goes From The Octagon To The Stage

He’s developed quite a following on social media. Schaub has one million followers on Instagram followers.

In addition, Schaub is on three different podcasts. They are The Fighter and the Kid, Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub, and the Golden Hour. Schaub hosts that one with fellow comedians Chris D’Ella and Erik Griffin.

During his UFC days, Schaub’s nickname was “Big Brown.” His last fight in the UFC came in 2014 when he lost to Travis Browne on the UFC 181 undercard. Schaub fought out of Aurora, Colorado, at that time. His journey to the UFC included reaching the finale of The Ultimate Fighter back in 2005, according to IMDb. That helped him secure a contract with the UFC at the time. Schaub won six fights in the UFC, including one against Mirko Cro Cop.

But he left the world of the UFC and MMA to go into podcasting, acting, and stand-up comedy on a full-time basis. He has been a recurring guest over the years on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Yet Schaub’s ability to connect with people in different media pathways keeps him going all the time.

All he’ll have to do now is watch what he’s doing when popping donuts in the desert.