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All About Joe Dirt’s Car, the Junker Daytona

All About Joe Dirt’s Car, the Junker Daytona

In the 2001 film Joe Dirt, David Spade cruised in style with a beat-up 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona – a ride as cool as his sweet mullet. Produced by Adam Sandler and featuring David Spade and Christopher Walken, the film follows Dirt, the janitor, as he takes his mop on a road trip to hunt down his folks.

Joe rocks the mullet hairstyle that he’s been sporting since birth thanks to a skull deformity.

One of the most comical scenes shows him trying to retrieve his pristine Plymouth GTX from the impound lot but ending up buying a Dodge Charger Daytona for just $450 instead. Gearheads understand that snagging a Dodge Daytona for $450 is as likely as finding a unicorn in a junkyard! These babies don’t come cheap; we’re talking six figures here!

At one point in the movie, Joe Dirt drives to work in the worn-out 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. Only 503 Daytonas were manufactured in 1969, making it a unique selection for the film. It’s nearly as peculiar as Joe Dirt’s choice to drive to the radio station where he works, only to discover he actually resides there. Where was he headed? The destination remains a mystery to us.

Whatever Happened to Joe Dirt’s Car?

However, what isn’t a mystery is what ever became of Joe Dirt’s car. The mismatched, rusty body panels and worn interior are just Hollywood smoke and mirrors. Beneath the surface, it’s practically flawless. The vehicle always survived the shoot unscathed, a rarity for movie cars.

According to Hot Cars, the Joe Dirt Daytona was sold by the studio in screen-used condition for just $18,000 back in 2002. This occurred a few years before the muscle car boom skyrocketed Daytona prices into the stratosphere. Eventually, the car found a new owner, this time a collector based in the Netherlands. It currently graces a private collection in its new home.

Meanwhile, Joe Dirt star David Spade is a passionate enthusiast of Mopar muscle cars. In 2015, he invested close to a million dollars in acquiring a meticulously restored ’69 Daytona in a stunning copper metallic finish. This particular model holds a unique significance as it is one of only 70 Daytonas manufactured with the iconic 426 Hemi engine.

Hey, it seems Joe Dirt came out on top with a Hemi after all! With a quick paint job, Spade is ready to take on Joe in another sequel.