The Most Common Issues with 13 Popular Brands As Reported by Mechanics

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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There are many automobile manufacturers in the world today to choose from. For the mechanics that work on these engines every day, there are definitely some that are better received than others. Here are the top problems real mechanics experience daily from some popular car brands.


The underside of these vehicles have inferior abilities to withstand the corrosion from coastal and cold weather elements. The Nissan brand of cars have issues with the head gaskets, cam/crank sensor problems, engine failure, and many other small issues.


The problems that are frequently found include cracking body panels, leaking radiators, slipping transmissions, and stalling while idling. Other issues involve hard shifting of the engine, and body and paint problems both on the exterior and on the interior near the rear windows.


The large parts of these engines are touchy on pressure and fluids. This is added to the steering and water pump failures, leaking radiators, transmission failures, and malfunctioning electronics in the locking mechanisms of the doors.


The problems that mechanics and owners face with this make are leaking radiators, faulty head gaskets, engine seizures, and cracking dashboards. These engines tend to build up a sludge in the engines which promotes the failure of engine performance.


These engines are built tough, but they tend to develop leaks at high mileage points. Often these issues can be fixed, but the components are not easily accessible to mechanics and are often a costly repair.


The mechanics of these vehicles report problems with head gaskets and piston slap at higher speeds. They leak oil around the oil pressure switch and the cam/crank seals which are a chore to fix.


The problems that are encountered with the Jeep models include such major issues as engine failure and failing regulators on all four of the window systems.


These vehicles are prone to transmission problems including outright failure. Other issues include oil leaks and blown turbos among other engine system problems.


This economy vehicle can become an expensive endeavor when considering the repair costs for such things as slipping gears, failure of the A/C system, fuel pump failure, and false engine check light warnings.


Problems include faulty power steering and interior issues. Owners of these vehicles have reported a number of issues with the headliner falling down in the car.


This pricy automobile is not without its own problems. Reports by mechanics of issues with the failure of the intermediate shaft bearing, electrical problems, and safety problems concerning the seat belts and airbags.


These compact vehicles have anything but compact problems. Issues that mechanics have to deal with when working on these vehicles include such things as total engine failure and steering issues. All of these issues are incurred well before the 100,000 mile mark and result in costly repairs for the owners.


These vehicles host a number of issues including problems with the interior and exterior accessories, A/C and heater issues, electrical problems, steering problems, and cooling system issues. Other issues that have been encountered by owners include safety issues with the seatbelts and airbags, brake issues, and transmission problems.

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