What Does the Lack of A Headphone Jack on the New iPhone 7 Mean For Your Car?

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Marie Pruett
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One typically standard part of the new Apple iPhone 7 seems to be missing--the headphone jack. The new iPhone 7 is set up to work entirely on Bluetooth when you're out and about unless you use the new Lightning-to-AUX adapter that comes with the phone.

Apple plans to roll out its new EarPods with the new phone. These wireless headphones work like something out of a science fiction movie. After slipping them in the ear, the pods turn on. When the wearer taps it twice, Siri activates and handles all of the person's functional needs on the iPhone 7, from making phone calls to finding a favorite song.

These EarPods offer up to five hours of battery life for use and recharge inside of their carrying case for up to 24 hours without needing to plug into a power source. However, at a whopping $160 USD a pair, it's going to hurt when you lose them. On the upside, you won't get caught by the cords on doorknobs, and you won't have to untangle anything. Of course, it won't be long until competitors release their own and less expensive versions.

So, now that you know you can still jam to your tunes at work or on campus, you have to wonder how you'll listen to tunes in your old car? The iPhone has been known to make long road trips more fun. Listening to your favourite tunes or an audiobook makes driving more enjoyable.

If your car was manufactured the 1980s or 1990s, your best option is a cassette adapter with an AUX-in. You would plug your Lightning-to-AUX adapter into the cassette adapter; however, this means you'll now loose the ability to charge your phone while it's connected to the adapter. For those with cars from the early 2000s, you're more unlikely to have a cassette player, but more likely to have an AUX input. You'll still face the issue of being unable to charge your phone while listening to your music.

Newer cars and trucks will likely come with sound systems that are already Bluetooth enabled. The newest vehicles may even have Apple's CarPlay. CarPlay is essentially your iPhone on your car's built-in display. It's available from almost all major car manufacturers and present in almost 100 models. The iPhone 7 will, obviously, work seamlessly with CarPlay enabled vehicles.

That being said, aftermarket stereos with Bluetooth capabilities are still an option.

The Internet is today still undecided over Apple's decision to nix the headphone jack. We would suggest you relax and know that it won't be long before other companies will step up and solve the listening and charging issues for older cars with something like a split jack. Stop worrying about listening to tunes in your old ride and start dreaming of that new jet black, water and dust-resistant iPhone 7.

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